Monday, June 3, 2013

Photos from week three.. Versailles!

The Mona Lisa

Emily with the Mona Lisa

A cool ceiling in the Louvre  

Cool ceiling in the Louvre

A famous statue

A cool painting

The view from inside the Louvre

This is Emily with her "favorite" painting. Not really her favorite
but her comp took pictures of herself in front of art and didn't
understand why she didn't care too so this is what she did to
please her. It is actually very nice art she says.

More photos of the Louvre and views from it

Emily and her companion doing the same pose as the Asains

Emily and her Asian friend's from Japan

The touch screen order place at McDonald's

Finally eating McDonald's. SOOO American but sooo good

The BEST meal her companion has made. They were american.
homemade baked fries on a baguette and jello!

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