Monday, July 29, 2013

King George and Happy Times!

KATE MIDDLETON had her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOO happy for her, William, their family and the WORLD!!! England will be in solid hands the next couple of generations! I personally think that George Alexander Louis is perfect and I love the name George! My great-grandpa was named George and I love him so I know the world will love King George too! I am still waiting for the whole worldly side of me to leave and it has for the most part but I don’t know when my love for Kate will diminish… hopefully never! It really was a highlight of my week just like it was for most news channels and stuff!

Onto legit missionary business so I can remind you all and myself that I am a missionary and not just Emily anymore. So last week I sent home some pictures of my sad shoes. I WALK A LOT!!! I always heard of stories of Elders in South America walking holes into their shoes but I NEVER thought that would be me… It is me. I feel like an official missionary now but then I remind myself that I just bought cheap shoes last minute before my mission which is probably the cause for them only lasting 4 months! So having a growing hole in the shoes that I wore everyday was kind of getting old and gross when I think about all the places I walk and how many people pee on the streets and cigarettes. So I decided to give shopping another try. I figured if I just had to find one thing and a pretty specific thing then I would be able to do it… Challenge ACCEPTED! So for PDay we went to Paris and the Mall at La Defense. BIGGEST MALL EVER!!!!! Any normal girls DREAM but since I am not normal I just got really overwhelmed and bored pretty quickly. We pretty much only went into shoe stores and luckily being a missionary it narrows done my shoe options a bit so we were able to be pretty effective. Before my mission (probably after too) I would never shop or buy anything but if I HAD to get something then I would think about it for a good month or two and then go back to the store a good 7 times and really just thinking if I needed it and it was a big long process that frustrated my mom and sisters. I no longer have such a luxury of taking my time so I was on the hunt. After only a few hours and a few creepy men in the mall I FOUND MY NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were part of Soldes so I got them for cheaper SCORE! And they seem pretty solid. I told myself that I wouldn’t wear them EVERYDAY so they would last longer but it has been a week now and I think I have worn them 5 times! I am just really breaking them in and getting the bloody scab on the back of my heel to get used to the shoe. I love them. They seem pretty sturdy and should last me until I can finally wear boots again in the winter! I am quite proud of myself for buying something in such a timely matter and now I can be like oh yeah these shoes... I bought them in Paris!

The new shoes!

I can cook. I will just say it again because this is a huge deal…. I CAN COOK! My future family will not starve!!!! My companion has adequately trained me and I will survive on my own now!!! You can all give her a big thanks after my mission when I wow you at family functions and friend dinners! I am so impressed of the things that I have learned. Yes I have learned a lot spiritually BUT the whole cooking and shopping thing were skills that I was in much need of learning! I think my mom and sister Jessica will be the most impressed because really it is night and day with me! Before my mission I could only make mac and cheese from a box and boil an egg. But now I can come up with meals on my own and feed 8 elders! Our meals always consist of lots of tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs and just really good stuff! I enjoy cooking too! Life is good in the food department!

Emily cooking hot dogs!

Vaccance is the WORST!! My parents were always really good about taking us on vacation and showing us the world but it seems like people here take it to a whole new level. They leave their homes for several weeks and months at a time! I am all for getting out of touristy Paris and Versailles but people are gone for a long time! It has made the work a bit difficult. Entire neighborhoods are empty. Apartment buildings are closed down and so porting is hard. Our teaching pool has become smaller because everyone we were teaching has left until September so we resort to porting but they are all gone and the few people that are still here are leaving in a few days!  So I am realllllly looking forward to September when people come back! You would think that this would make me sad or discouraged and it can be but at the same time me  and my companion have never been better! We laugh harder than we have ever laughed, talk to each other more than ever and have really just become GREAT FRIENDS! The Lord really does bless us in ways that we don’t expect and I am very thankful for being blessed with a friend as a companion right now!

People's houses while they are on vaccance

I love the ward here! LOVE it!! We are 99.9% sure that my companion is leaving on August 7 at transfers because she has been here since she started her mission in March and it is just time. So we have wanted to say good bye to some of our favorite people. Last night we went and saw the Grenier family which is my FAVORITE family!!!! I love them! Frere Grenier is our DMP and so we see him a lot and we just think he is the coolest! He does the translating of conference and stuff into French for ALL French speaking places and so now when I listen to conference talks in French for language study I know that it is his voice! Sœur Grenier is the member who owns the spa that we went to and she is also a GREAT cook and so eating with them last night was a treat! They are such a cute couple and really just love each other. They have a son on a mission in the Alpine Germany Mission. Then a son who is my age named Raphael who I just got to know last night and is really cool. Then they have a daughter Elisare who reminds me so much of my sisters! We love spending time with them and they speak English really well so it makes it nice for me! Even though my French is improving slowly I am still not myself in French yet so I REALLY love being around the Greniers where I can joke and be sarcastic IN ENGLISH and be myself! But then I realized that there is a lot about me that I need to change and that’s may be why I got called to learn a language so then I wouldn’t be able to be myself so easily and be embarrassing. Anyway it was a great end to the week and I and my comp came home just so happy and loving life!

With the Grenier family

I say this every single week but it is true and the truth can never be repeated too much… I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! I feel like I am learning and being blessed waaaay more than I ever thought possible. I know that it probably is hard to notice and maybe I am just tooting my own horn but I really have changed for the better. I feel like each day I become a better person and a better version of myself. I still have LOTS and LOTS to learn but I am so happy for the things that I have learned already. My four month mark is Sunday and I can’t believe that I have been gone for four months. I just know that the next 14 months will continue to be so amazing and I can’t imagine how much more I will learn and grow! I am so happy and feel so loved and good all the time!

Thank you all for your love. It really means so much and the support is great! Please continue to pray for all the missionaries in the world and for you yourselves to have missionary experiences!


Sœur Emily Johns

Where Emily saw the naked man a week earlier!

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