Monday, September 16, 2013

Au revoir 20 and Versailles

This week was a week of Lasts... my last week being 20 and also my last week in Versailles.

But I will start at the beginning!

So on Tuesday we had our last District Meeting. I have known this whole transfer that it would be my last in Versailles but I chose to live in ignorance the past 6 weeks and not admit to leaving. But I admitted it kind of on Tuesday. Also Elder Webber goes home this week and so it was for sure his last and same with Elder Anderson. Elder Hall knew that he would be leaving his position as AP and training so it was the last time for a lot of us. So in honor of that Elder Webber made the Webber Special..; AKA the food that took 10 years off my life! It was 10 hamburger patties, 10 sausages, a few kilos of butter and cheese and like 20 potatoes all fried together and death. The elders were saying how it was a real American breakfast and me and Soeur Stahly were trying not to die. 
The Webber special

THEN round 3 of the Flan Suck! And guess what!!! I did it! Well almost. I was able to inhale it but then I looked up and just started laughing and I lost it. The SAME thing happened to Soeur Stahly only she COMPLETELY lost it and sprayed it across the room and it was gross and on the walls and chairs....

The Flan Suck!

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I AM 21!!!!!!!!!! On Thursday I said hello to my 21st year!! It was great!! We woke up and did our normal morning and I wanted to try to make pancakes with chocolate chips but by chocolate chips not being in France it was just chopped up chocolate but it worked kind of! Then we taught a lesson and then went to the Greniers for my Birthday! It was great!! It was my first birthday away from my family and that is why I wanted to spend it with my favorite people here aka the Grenier Family! We had lunch and just spent time all together! I love them! We then taught Margarite with Raphael and it was great! She will be getting baptized on the 29th and is soo cool! As missionaries we are SOMETIMES late and she totally called us out on it! She is like 65 and from Madagascar and the coolest!! Then we rushed to another RDV and then home for a nice homemade meal by Soeur Stahly and homemade MADELINES for my birthday! She made it soo special. Throughout the whole day there were post-it notes EVERYWHERE! Like not just in the apartment but on buses we were in and in other buildings and somehow she is soooo sneaky and put them EVERYWHERE! And she somehow was able to blow up balloons and make decorations. I am still not sure how she did it because we are together 24/7! It was a goooood Birthday!

The post-its!

Birthday Pancakes

Emily with Elissare Grenier

Emily with the birthday sign Raphael made her

Raphael singing

Then Friday the 13th happened... Not quite as good to me! We were both sick and we think we got food poisoning. It was ROUGH!! I knew I was going to end the day throwing up but I tried to stick it out! We were supposed to go to the church to do weekly cleaning and we got there and no one was there besides a man that works for the church and he said that because of Elder Oaks and all the really important people coming that they had professionals come so we couldn’t clean. BUT then he told us that if we waited an hour that Elder Oaks was coming to the chapel and we could meet him one on one but as missionaries we don’t just have an hour to waste so my wise companion said we needed to get home and on with our day and at first I was pretty bummed because I could have totally become BFF with an APOSTLE but then I remembered I was sick and the second we got in the apartment I started throwing up A LOT and was glad I did that at home and not with Elder Oaks. Thanks Friday the 13th!

BUT to make up for the cursed day on Saturday my Birthday Package from my family came!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! It was sooo great and made my Birthday celebration continue!!! I LOVED it! I have a cute new pale pink watch and new clothes and American goods!! I am blessed! ALSO we went to the market on Saturday to find a less active who works there and my comp got me a new watch too! So I think the gift theme for this birthday was WATCHES and boy, am I happy because I love watches and now I can rotate more! And the shoes I got during soldes... BROKE! I walk tooo hard! So I got a pair at the market for 5 euros!! SOLD!!!

With the Elder Oaks conference on Sunday with so many missionaries needing a place to stay around Paris we were able to host 4 other sisters at our apartment! We had Soeur Melville and Lefrandt from roeun and then Soeur Miller and Wade from Tours! 6 girls = SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got to bed laaaaate but it was so fun!

On Sunday we made crepes for the other sisters and then the two of us met up with the Greniers to go to the conference! Elder Oaks is soooo cool! He was just in the crowd shaking everyones hand and being awesome! So of course I gave him my hand and was soo happy! BUT THEN a bit later I ran into him in the crowd again on accident but this time he said, ''Hello Sister Johns.!!!!'' SOOOOOO cool! An APOSTLE of God! Now France only has stakes and it will have a temple soon! The work is starting on the Temple! He gave a great talk and is really an inspired man called of God!!
So last night I started thinking that okay in the morning I am going to find out that I am staying in Versailles and not having to leave... But then I was on the phone with Frere Grenier and he told me that the APs told him that I am leaving and so he told me that tonight would be my last FHE with their family and I may have had my FIRST cry as a missionary!!!!

I CRIED; yes I know it is silly and that changing villes is part of being a missionary but it was ROUGH! But I guess now I can say I am not completely emotionless!
SO this morning on emails like just barely I found out where I am going....

CHOLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tiny town that just became a ward that Soeur Stahly just left! I am going to serve with Soeur Horn who goes home in December and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!! I have to learn how to drive a stick shift car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cholet has a car and Soeur Horn can’t drive in France so looks like I will learn. So on Wednesday I will leave Versailles and move to Cholet. GOOGLE it!

Here is my new address...
Soeur Emily Johns
 94 Rue de Lorraine
49300 Cholet


I am going to spend today packing and getting souvenirs from Versailles and with the Greniers and then tomorrow teaching EVERYONE I love for the last time! SO sad! I have learned sooo much in Versailles and this is harder than leaving home!

I love you all and thank you all for the Birthday emails and love and support!!

The next time you hear from me I will be in Cholet!!


Soeur Emily Johns

Emily and Marthe

Legit district photo

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