Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Since I have been on my mission two of my best friends have either had a baby or will be having a baby before I get home. Missing all of these births and exciting things has been rough but now I will join the group... I AM GOING TO BE A MOM!! A mission mom as in I am going to be training a brand new missionary straight out of the MTC! Training has been something that has intimidated me throughout my mission and not been something I want to do. But yesterday when the AP called... I had my first experience with morning sickness. PIT IN MY STOMACH! On Wednesday morning I am going to head to Paris to find out who my bleu is! I am excited to go to Paris and we will see how the rest goes! My current companion will be leaving Rennes and going to CHOLET!!! Can you believe it?! It is just like me and soeur stahly all over again! Leaving Cholet to someplace new and the comp in the new place leaves to go to Cholet! Soeur Tane will love it there!

We had our last district meeting this week which means DISTRICT PHOTOS!!! Being in Rennes has been good and I really like all of the missionaries! In Rennes we have two sets of elders and us. Only in our district we only have the zone leaders. The other set is the district leader of another district that includes Vannes! So on Tuesday we got a Rennes Missionary photo, the district photo and a double district photo!

Sophie had her birthday on Thursday and you bet we tried to make it special! WE had a little get together at the church with a few amis and other recent converts to celebrate her birth! We sang happy birthday in English, Chinese, German, Tahitian and French! WELCOME TO FRANCE the country of a million cultures!

On Wednesday we finally found the market here in Rennes. EVERY city in France has a weekly market but for whatever reason Soeur Tane had never even heard of it so you bet we changed that quickly! I love me a market filled with Africans and Arabs and that is exactly what we got! So many cool things and goood prices!!

This week was a good week! Soeur Tane LOVES McDonalds and has wanted to go soo bad since  she has come to France and so in honor of starting my 7 months to sexy and her leaving Rennes we went to McDo!! It wasn’t as traumatizing as I had thought having a happy meal in France... HAPPY MEAL BOXES and I are not the best of friends! It was good to indulge in a good old American burger.

I have officially been a missionary for 11 months today and the time has really flown by! I have loved the past 11 months of my life and I really know that this mission is the best thing I have done and will continue to bless my life forever! I have learned so much and have really never been happier!

Wish me luck with training and thank you again for all the love and support!!


Sœur Emily Johns

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