Friday, November 22, 2013


So as a missionary we become professional inviters! I don’t know if that is a real word but I am adding it to the dictionary of Emily Johns. Anyway so we invite A LOT. We invite people to church; we invite people to read the Book of Mormon, to pray to do all sorts of things. Well I have officially added another thing that I have started to invite people to do. In my mission the sister missionaries only teach women unless you are in Cholet where there are no elders so we teach men and women but that doesn’t matter. Anyway so we teach a lot of women. In Cholet we have a good teaching pool of women in their 60s. They are all married but for some reason their husbands are just not interested and so we have never really taught them. Well the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about the family and helping the family so why not get the family involved. Since it worked so well last time with me just asking the hubby to have an fhe with us I thought I would try it again. Behold MARIA from Portugal. She LOVES us but she always tells us how much her husband does not believe but she wants him to. So in our lesson this week I just asked her if I could go talk to her husband and she hesitantly said yes but warned me that he is mean and won’t say yes to anything I ask. I decided to test my luck so I found him watching TV and just asked him if the four of us can have a lesson together this coming week... he said YES! Then I fixed the date and time and even made him shake my hand! Miracle?? Maybe me being loud and not always respectful is a bad thing but then at the same time me not being shy is what is getting us to be able to teach the hubs! So thanks Mom for giving me your outgoingness!

On Saturday 16 November 2013 Valérie will be getting baptized!!! Oh man oh man am I excited!! So yesterday we made by hand invitations to give to all the members to come to the baptism. I am REEEEEALLY excited!  She is so great and SOOO tiny! Especially next to me and Soeur Horn who is like 6 feet! Little woman!

As we have extended lots of invites this week we have always been invited a  lot this week.... BY MUSLIM MEN!! Both instances were on the bus. The first was by two men from Somalia who wanted to meet us to give us a Koran so we set a time to meet but they forgot the Koran so next time we will bring the Book of Mormon in Arabic and he will bring us the Koran in English!  He was really impressed that I had lived in Turkey and knew a good amount about Islam! Then the second time was at the bus stop and a man from Sudan thought we were Swedish and then wanted to speak English with us and have us over for tea but that is a no no so pass!

I love being a missionary! In just a couple of weeks my little sister Jennifer will join me as a missionary but only she will be in Madrid! I have never been so happy or have learned so much! GREATEST choice ever made was coming on a mission! I encourage it for all!

Thank you soo much for your love and support! 45 days until Christmas!!!


Sœur Emily Johns

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