Friday, November 22, 2013


Halloween in France..... NOT! I have started to make a list of all the things that France does right. Like brioche, tailored suits, moisture in the air? ETC but Halloween is not on that list. WHY you may ask?????? Because it doesn’t really exist! So Sœur Horn and I brought our American Halloween to France... OR at least we tried. Since we are poor and missionaries we couldn’t really buy costumes and did I mention we are missionaries? So we dressed up as each other and by that I mean we wore each other’s name tags. Sorry to my sister Jessica who is the queen of Halloween... I am just letting our family name down. NEXT YEAR?

We did go and buy a pumpkin and carved it and did pumpkin seeds and had a fun time with that. We also made little masks and tried to trick or treat at ThiThanhs but just ended up laughing! I was a bird! Just like Allie and Noah! If you don’t get that as a Notebook reference then now you do! I also got my gossip girl on and spotted a trick or treater. Only it was 2pm and all they had were grocery sacs and NO CANDY! SAD SAD SAD! But all this week for every house we ported there were lots of spider webs but not the decorative kind. The legit kinds that get stuck in my eyelashes and are gross BUT I became an official spider web killer! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

This week we checked our mail and there were two cards in it, WITHOUT a return address and with our names on them but like our normal people name not missionary name so it was really weird. We had no idea who they were from and were just really confused. SNEAKY ThiThanh! She made us the cutest cards with lots of pictures in it! Little surprise gifts from ThiThanh are my favorite.

Here we have a Family Home Evening with a family in the ward every week. It is one of the high lights of my week because I get to go to a home and try to speak French with kids... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! This week we went to a family in the ward who are SUUUPPPPEEERRR cool! He speaks perfect English and so that takes some pressure off me and she is a great mom! They have three little kids and I found my new best friend! Name is Nathan and we are buds! I asked him in French if he can speak English and he said, ''YES; DO YOU LOVE ME???'' only he thought he was saying I love you but oh well. His parents were so cute and tried teaching him that I was a missionary and he can’t ask that but I was just like YES I LOVE YOU! The families in this ward are really the greatest! I feel like I learn so much about the gospel and families and the importance of both soo much every time I am around them! I am so lucky to be here!

This past week Sœur Horn and I worked really hard and spent soo much time porting and trying to find more people to teach! The Lord really does bless us when we show our faith through our actions! We found new amis and we have two baptisms fixed for November 16th!!! I LOVE being a missionary and am soo happy. I feel like I have become just a happy person alll the time since I have become a missionary and I really credit it to the gospel and having my testimony strengthened! I have been a missionary for 7 months now and have really loved every minute of it! I am so excited for everyone who is preparing to serve a mission and to be able to have this experience! Thank you all for the love and support I have been given!
I love and miss you all!!


Sœur Emily Johns

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