Monday, December 23, 2013

Early Christmas presents

I LOVE Christmas!! A couple of weeks ago the zone leaders called to say that the Christmas Conference would be in Versailles!!!!! You can imagine how happy I was!! Being back in Versailles!! You bet I hurry and made some calls so I could see my favorite family! The train ride to Versailles was soo surreal because I always hoped to go back but never knew if I would but then thinking that Versailles is our mission hub I knew I would be there eventually! I was soo happy! I was able to see all of my old companions and sooo many of my mission friends! It was super spiritual and I learned a lot but man it was sooo fun! We were given the direction to do a caroling porting to be able to teach the gospel... ME AND SINGING???? There is a reason why ALL of my companions don’t volunteer us to sing at anything. I may have cried a little thinking about having a sing on the doorstep of strangers in French. The whole conference was just so great! I LOVED being back in Versailles! We did a white elephant Christmas gift exchange and everyone was supposed to bring something spiritually uplifting and a good gift.... I GOT A MENS TIE! So you know me and my gift exchanging... I went around to all of the tables and examined everyone’s gifts and then worked my magic and left with a beautiful notebook hand designed by one of my sister friends and definitely upgraded from the tie I would just end up sending to some elder!
Emily with Souer Denning (MTC companion)

Emily with Souer Hunsaker and Melville

Christmas Conference

Emily's friends from the MTC Elder Neilson and Elder Cramer

Emily with Soeur Poznanski

Emily with the sisters from her MTC district

Almost the whole MTC district reunited

After the conference was even better! I saw my GRENIER Family!! 2/4 at least! Soeur Grenier and Raphael came and got me and my companion from the conference and we were able to just chat like old times! She even gave me a little Christmas gift of fancy chocolates in a pretty bag! It was the greatest day of my life! I really just love that family!

This week was a problem with my eye. As many of you know I have reeeeeally bad eyes. Like glasses when I was 2 and contacts when I was 6 bad. Well I tend to use the same pair of contacts for a long time and this time was like 5 months long and so my right eye got all infected and turned all pink. Everyone kept asking if I had pink eye and I just said no I just have an eye that is pink. Finally my companion convinced me that I needed to swallow my pride and wear my glasses for a few days to let my eye heal. So that means not making an eye contact with people on the street because I didn’t want people to see my eye or glasses. It wasn’t too bad and after a few days and a fresh pair of contacts I was able to see again!

Our Portuguese family is back! We decided to pass by their house and it was pretty obvious they were back because there house was like the only house in Cholet with Christmas lights fully decked all in front! So we sang and fixed another rdv! They even came to church all together with their daughter and granddaughter! It was a Christmas miracle!

This past week has been so great! I have watched Joy to the World quite a few times but it never gets old! I love being able to share this spirit of Christ with people and remind them why we have noel!
Thank you all for your love and support and for your prayers!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific new year’s!


Soeur Emily Johns

Found a gameboy from the 80's

Thithanh made a sign, everyday I love you

Cleaning fr Poussards house

Christmas Seashells
Making Christmas gifts

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