Wednesday, December 11, 2013


So because France doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving it has been Christmas season since October and at first I was a little bummed and not willing to celebrate it until AFTER Thanksgiving... BUT then this week happened! In the mall that we do our grocery shopping EVERYTHING was decked out in Christmas decor and I just got soo excited and knocked the scrooge out of me and now I am embracing Christmas before Thanksgiving! Like making a countdown to Christmas chain!! But don’t worry we are fulllllly celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday with our zone of missionaries in Nantes! I can’t wait and we get the day off until the evening!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Holidays! It doesn’t even really make me that sad that there isn’t snow because Cholet is cold without it!

This past week was a good one! Do you remember that week that we met a couple of Americans???? Well this week we met up with our American friend Diane at a Cafe and just chatted! She is super cool and it was great just having a normal conversation with an American from NYC! She even gave us work out videos... INSANITY here I come!!

Christmas Sunday and the Primary program Sunday are my FAVORITE Sundays ever!!! And guess which one was yesterday!!!!???? PRIMARY!! It is just as cute and entertaining in French as it is in English! Also it doesn’t hurt when the French little kids are just sooo funny! We had a ward repas after and our American cookies were a BIG hit! SO cooking skills coming back??

For district meeting this week we had a Chinese meal... having the Mandarin elders in our district definitely make for an exciting meal. I am still not fully aware of what we ate but it was fun! I really like my district and have been blessed throughout my mission with being surrounded by the coolest missionaries!!

Remember our Portuguese family?? So they LOVED, LOVED Church and turns out they went and got their daughter and granddaughter and drove by our Church (office building with rented space) and were soo happy and proud to show them where they went! So when we stopped by last week the daughter and granddaughter had already watched the Restoration Movie so when we gave them a book of Mormon they were even more excited!! Our Portuguese family just got bigger!!

As of today I am not longer the only Johns sister on a mission! Jennifer is officially in Madrid as a missionary!! I love being a missionary and am sooo happy for her to now have this experience herself!!
Thank you all for the love and support and have a GRRRREAT Thanksgiving!!

I love you all,

Sœur Emily Johns

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