Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Falling for Rocker Roger

Final week of 2013 and what a year it has been! It was also the final week of our Christmas singing door to door to find people! We have spent every single night the past three weeks porting in the cold rain and singing whenever we can! On Monday night we saw a little miracle! A lady named Servane let us in to sing and she was just a bundle of sunshine! She is probably mid 50s and sooo young! We were all just laughing and joking around the whole time! She has such a great view on life. She got married later in life around 45 and was married to her dream man for 6 years until one night he died in his sleep. Pretty sad but she is so positive and happy that it is impossible not be happy around her! She even sang a song with us! It was the best start of the week!

On Tuesday night we spent the evening at ThiThanh's for New Year’s Eve party! She went all out for us and made all these little appetizers and a nice pizza! More duck liver but oh well. I am only in France for so long so I should enjoy these things more! It was a great little party! We had ALL of New Year’s Day off and this time we actually slept!!! UNTIL like 930!! I didn’t think it was possible but boy did it feel good! We did absolutely nothing all day and it was the most relaxing day of my mission!! I can’t even explain how nice it was to do nothing. I didn’t even put my contacts in. Little joys in life! This only happens like once a year as a missionary and I am glad I took full advantage of it!

On Thursday we had our first district meeting of the transfer. The district leader is a native French speaker and I am impressed by myself to understand! It was nice to be back in Angers and for our little practice teaching we all decided to go out around the chapel in Angers for 15 minutes and do finding splits. I was fully expecting to see a miracle and was pretty bummed when everyone we contacted wasn’t interested but then we got back to the chapel and an equipe was in the middle of giving a tour of the Church to someone that they found!! MIRACLE!!

That night we went to a little small, smaller than Cholet, town right outside of Cholet and saw another little miracle. We knocked on a door and a man answered and I introduced ourselves and offered to sing and he just left and we were pretty confused until he came back with his wife who was smiling sooo wide and that was even more confusing because most people don’t greet us with a smile. Turns out she had been part of the English classes by the missionaries in Cholet a few years ago! She isn’t too believing but had never even seen the missionaries since that class and had never had her door knocked. She spoke English flawlessly and was sooo nice! We met her two kids and had a nice little concert together. Classiest most beautiful family! In a small place like Cholet it is hard to not to think that every door has been knocked on... until we meet one that hasn’t! It was just what we needed to keep going!

So I got these new boots from a dying sister. I love them. They are great. BUT NO TRACTION. I may have slipped a few times here and there like in the Paris metro but this week I had my worst fall. On Thursday night we were walking to go see someone once again in the rain and I completely fell. Like on the ground in the middle of the street legs in the air! Thank goodness it was almost 9 at night and Cholet is small so the only person to see was my companion. I have lost a lot of my pride so I just kind of stayed down and rolled down the street to laugh it off. Only to come back home and see I had holes in my leggings and a bloody knee! Living the life!

Last night we met a rock star! We were porting and a tall, lean man probably 45 answered the door. First thing I noticed??? His skin tight leather pants and 7 rings spread across his fingers. He was super cool and let us in with his daughter to sing. We had a pretty ''complex'' conversation because he likes things complicated he said. It was just the most bizarre thing but I was loving it the whole time. He wanted to take a picture of us and his daughter but good thing the camera was dead. After me and Sœur hill just looked at each other and said, let’s call him roger. I swear I have met some of the coolest, craziest, best people in the world on my mission!

Since I have officially passed my halfway mark on my mission and Sœur Hill officially has 2 months left we decided to finally make the cake that my mom sent me back in September for my birthday and have a little party! It was yum yum! Nothing better than boxed brownies, cakes, and cookies from the good old USA HINT HINT!

I love love love being a missionary! I have learned SO SO SO SO SO much these past 9 months and I know that I will just continue to learn and grow! I am becoming the person that I have always wanted to be and the person that I need to be! It is amazing!

Thank you ALL for your love and support! I miss you and LOVE you!

Sœur Emily Johns

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