Thursday, February 6, 2014

What is Soldes??

Another week in good ol' Cholet! I don’t want to be a liar or anything so please don’t quote me or make fun of me if I am wrong, but I THINK this is my last full week in Cholet. Next Monday transfer decisions come out and I am thinking I will be leaving! Which means that this coming week I am going to have to put in more than my 100% I am ready!

On Monday evening we had FHE with ThiThanh and the bishop’s family. I swear that every single family in this ward is the BEST example to me! Families with 9 kids, families with no kids, couples that have been married for 50 years and couples that are engaged are all INCREDIBLE! I have never seen so much love and happiness amongst a group of people. All of them have one thing in common and that is the gospel. I know that the gospel blesses families because it has blessed mine and it is a reason that I am here trying to help others! The bishop’s family is amazing so starting the week out with them and my bff ThiThanh was a GREAT start!

Wednesday was the start of Winter Soldes! If you remember from my summer soldes period in Paris then I hope you can forget it. Buying just one pair of cheap flats and a type of special sugar isn’t exactly how most people spend their soldes and so I am determined to have a different experience this go around!

On Thursday we had a little zone conference in Nantes! Nantes is a real city. I know it because when I am at Moran’s her hubby is always watching sports and I know that Nantes has a soccer team and it is good! So the ZL presented the yearly information and our new mission theme! It was great! Being cooped up in Cholet can be rough so anytime we get to go to a bigger city and actually see missionaries I am VERY happy! We ended up both staying in Nantes to do an exchange there because the sisters there had too many lessons planned and well... we didn’t! It was great!

Do you remember that American that had seen my blog before I had even met her?? Well she lives in Nantes and so you bet that I called her up and made sure that I would see it! She had me and my companion for the day Sœur Evans over for dinner. It was sooo good! LOVED it! She is probably one of the coolest people I have met and I just feel like I was able to have a friend and chat! It is a small world and it was a great evening! The sisters in Nantes live next to this pizza place that they may go to every week and so we tried it out... SOOO GOOD! WE got 4 different pizzas and my fav was goat cheese, honey and olives! BACK IN TURKEY?? Yes I think so! Heaven in my mouth! Being in Nantes where there are people on the bus and tram and streets made it so that contacting was a way to find people. I was pretty nervous because I haven’t done that in a long time so I played the whole ''I am a dumb American'' and asked what is Soldes?? Which may be the dumbest thing ever because you can’t be in France in January or July and not know what soldes is no matter who you are but hey I met a really nice girl from Paris on the bus that way! Don’t worry all my French friends... I know very well what soldes it!

Coming back to Cholet was a little bit rough because it reminded us that here we just port and that there aren’t really people on the street or that many options but we have been doing it every day for a long time now so we will just keep doing it and we know we will see a miracle!

On Saturday evening ThiThanh treated us with a nice dinner to Flunch! I sure love that place and any place with ThiThanh! Mashed potatoes, crepes and more! My kind of meal. Running every morning at 630 makes it a little easier to eat that poorly every once and a while! It was an interesting night but we got through it! ThiThanh gifted me with a beautiful letter written in English and French that I will cherish forever!

This week was the Galette de Rois where you have a cake and in the middle somewhere is a little figurine and whoever gets the slice with it gets to be the King or Queen for the day... I didn’t win BUT Jean Luc gave me a figurine!

I am pretty ready for this new week in front of me and I am excited to see the cool things that are in store! I really love being a missionary and have found true lasting happiness in this work!

Please continue to pray for all the missionaries and for missionary experiences yourself!


Sœur Emily Johns

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