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So Rennes is similar to Cholet ONLY in the fact that we have FHEs with the families here! And by FHE I mean that we go and eat TOO TOO TOO much food and share a spiritual thought. But it is fun. Just going to be hard trying to figure out how to kindly turn down food.

On Tuesday we headed out to Paris! Riding on a long train backwards to Paris with a crying baby made it a bit rough but knowing I would be seeing the Greniers made it ALL worth it! Walking down the streets in Versailles and walking into the Greniers made me realize how fast time goes. It seems like just yesterday that I was living in Versailles and going to their house every week. This time it was with a new companion and I don’t live in Versailles anymore. But the moment the family came home... I was home!! Raphael was stuck in Paris but everyone else was there! I really love that family! I just spent the whole evening talking with Soeur Grenier in the Kitchen! JUST the way I like it! TOO TOO great to be back with them all!

Then going and spending the night in my old apartment in Versailles and having Soeur Melville staying the night there too was crazy! I love being back! On Wednesday we had our conference with Elder Kearon! Half of our mission was there including the new office couple the Bousseaus who are from the ward in Cholet that I spent Christmas with! Elder Kearon is amazing! I have seen him all throughout my mission and he reminded me that he will keep coming to speak to me until I really listen haha. He is pretty much on first name basis with me after all this time!

At the conference I snatched the best thing for a missionary! The Liahona. I got the November conference addition, Jan and Feb! CANDY for missionaries! Can’t wait to read them all!

It is Chine week here in Rennes and so you bet that we visited it for Sophie! 
SOOOOOOOOO many Chinese people everywhere. I thought I was in China but then I looked at the beautiful building and remembered I was in France! There was a dragon and everything! I am now determined to follow my sister Jessica and live in China one day!

Today I have officially been a missionary for 10 months. BOY oh BOY does the time go fast! I can’t believe that in 8 months I will be home. I am determined to make every day of the next 8 months full! I really love my mission!

Thank you again for EVERYTHING! The prayers and the support and the love is very much appreciated!

I love and miss you all!!


Soeur Emily Johns

Simone a Cambodian member

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