Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It seems that ever since my sister Jennifer left on her mission to Spain that I keep having this Spanish experience... for example?? MEXICAN MIRACLE!!

Things are going great here in Rennes. It rains A LOT!!! I can’t even begin to express how much I miss dry ground but hey it makes things green and I like green! Thank goodness but the solid umbrella that I snatched from my mom’s home!! LIFE SAVER!!

Me and Soeur Tane made a transfer goal to become BFF... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! It was pretty hard at first because my French isn’t that great or really my sensitivity but it is improving and thanks to Soeur Tane!! Our friendship has gotten soo good that she even wrote me a song. Pretty much she is a Tahitian pop star and writes her own music. She is soo talented and I am the first companion to get a song!! HONORED!! If I had working tear ducts then I would have cried but it is the thought that counts right?? Our friendship has gotten so good that I cut her hair. I am not AT ALL qualified to cut hair and I have never done it in my life except for spring break in NYC with a boy that I had never met. That is about it so when I was just writing in my journal one night and Soeur Tane comes with scissors and asks me to cut her hair..... I said no! But then I did it and it isn’t that bad. TRUST!!

Who out there likes TANGLED???? ME ME ME!! So you bet that I was super excited when I found out that the tangled castle was in my area and by my area I mean not really but oh well. It is called Mont St Michel and is off the beaches of Normandy. It was soo cool and having a member, ami and my companion all there made it even better!! It was so fun! My companion really likes to take selfies so I hope you enjoy all the solo shots of myself... 

Now for the Mexican miracle... So on Thursday we had a rdv set at the church and we were sitting there waiting and the time just kept ticking and ticking. Finally we hear the door to the church open and got super excited! FAIL!! Not the ami we were expecting but even better. Meet Alicia... she is a member from Mexico just visiting Rennes for a couple of weeks to see her nonmember friend Mauricio. She googled the church and decided to come by and we just happened to be there!! It was beautiful! You bet that we invited her and her friend to institute but she wasn’t sure he would come because he isn’t too religious. HE CAME!!! Turns out that we have a YSA that speaks Spanish. Mauricio is learning French but doesn’t speak English and Alicia speaks a little English and no French so communicating.. Hard! Watching finding NEMO with Spanish subtitles in high school didn’t teach me as much as I thought it would. They both really liked institute! Then they both came to church for all three hours and turns out that there are several Spanish speakers in the ward!! THEN they both came to FHE on Monday!! They are too cool and I am soo grateful to know them. They both just radiate light and happiness and I feel like I am becoming a better person through them!

Yesterday we had interviews with president and zone conference and guess who is in my zone... SOEUR MELVILLE and you bet I was soo happy to see her and even happier when she told me how much my French has improved!! I love being a missionary and all of the cool miracles and experiences that I have had!
Valentine’s Day is on Friday.... RECIEVED my first and only valentine from my girl XANY... still accepting any other forms of love! I hope you all feel my love and not just on valentines!

I love you and miss you all! Thanks for all the love and support!!


Soeur Emily Johns

Her new board in her new apartment

New Caldonian Family 

Microwave Cake

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