Monday, February 24, 2014


This was a great week! I feel like I worked the least amount but I had the greatest and most success in a long time. So maybe it is true that if you do what you love for work than it is not work at all! I am LOVING life!

We went shopping with Sophie!! She was in need of some longer dresses and skirts so it was NECESSARY for a shopping spree. Sephora doesn’t sell clothes?? kidding! But we found the cutest dress just for church and it was a success. I swear that every time I go shopping and I actually enjoy it that I have to remind myself of all of those years that the thought of shopping made me upset. Missions really do change people!

I have had a LOT of crepes. Britagne is known for the crepe and galette and all the members here live up to that reputation. Crepe parties at member’s house and crepe outing at little cute shops and making crepes at the church with the flour and sugar we found there... crepes all around. But I promise that I am eating my fruits and vegetables too!

This past week we had dinner at an English couple’s house with a recent convert from Mongolian... DINNER WAS SUPER!!! Who knew that Mongolian food was sooooo good! I am determined to find a 5 star Mongolian place in Utah! It was fun and hey it was all in English! Which surprisingly sometimes is harder for me than in French. I feel like an awkward sister missionary when I am in English where as in French I am just someone that doesn’t know French so I can be awkward!

I have a lot of hair. I know that I have a lot of hair. Well now my companion and the whole ward knows too! She is like a hair style genius. In honor of the valentines dance she did my hair. I still don’t know how she did it all in 15 minutes but she did! It looks cool right?? SO when I made my big debut at the valentine dance I had the hair to match. Too bad we could only stay to greet our amis and not actually dance. But valentines 2015 watch out! Every day we searched our mailbox for valentines.... I GOT 3!!! PLUS a package!! 

WOO HOO!! SO I realize that I am a little OCD and like to be prepared. Turns out I didn’t really need all the things I asked my mom to send. I have actually been saving up everything because I know that one day I will need it. SO remind me to not ask for packages until I am actually out of the things I need! THANKS for all the love though!!

Our Mexican miracle continued! Mauricio and Alicia both came to FHE, institute, church and a baptism! Alicia is home in Mexico now but you bet we will still be seeing Mauricio!

Being in Britagne it rains a LOT. SO much that President frequently calls to give us the weather report AKA telling us to get inside because of a storm! So there is no need for me to miss the news or the newspaper because president just lets us know what the weather will be like! Perks of Rennes!

On Saturday Bob got baptized! He has been meeting with the missionaries for two years and Saturday was the big day! He is from New Caledonia and so of course all of the islanders in the ward made a huge party for him! We spent a lot of time on Saturday pretty much on an island with lots of rice and island music and my companion was in heaven!! It was a lot of fun!! He is too cool!

I love my life! I love being a missionary and I love everything! I am just really happy and love being able to share some of the things that make me the happiest with people every day!

Thank you for all the love and support!  I love and miss you all!!


Soeur Emily Johns

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