Monday, July 28, 2014

Double Blessings

Do you all remember when I first got to Toul I had NO idea how I was going to make it through the last four months of my mission??? Well now I don’t know how I would have made it through if I was anywhere but here! I am convinced that I have been blessed waaay waaay waaay too much here! And it is mostly all in this transfer and it isn’t even half over yet!! 

On Monday our amis cancelled our FHE but it wasn’t a problem because we just got to have a fun dinner with our favorite family Benoits and explore their village for old amis and less actives!!

Tuesday we were off to Nancy where I did an exchange with Soeur Lefrandt! She is in my group that came in with me and we were able to go to San Francisco together but haven’t really known each other too well! We have both served with Soeur Melville AND Soeur Horn so we have lots of similar stories with them! Also we realized how our moms are the EXACT same person. A beautiful blonde single strong woman and we are lucky to have moms like that! We are determined to set up mommy daughter dates with them when we get home! I realized how pretty Nancy is and it made me miss my pretty villes like Rennes and Versailles but missed public transportation but then remembering the little perks of having a car and a tiny ville. I had to search hard for them but found them! We had a lot of fun together! Stayed up waaay to late laughing and talking and then ate waaaay too much ice cream! 

Then Back to Toul the next day where we went straight to Mouna and Moons and got them all prepped and excited for their baptism! Moon REEEEALLY wants to live with the prophet and be his friend and it is sooo cute! Mouna was just reminding us how many days left she had until her baptism and their excitement was so fun for us!!

Sorry this email is getting to be boring! I am in a huge hurry and I don’t know whether the photos or the words are more important! On Thursday we did a porting session in the HEAT and boy was it hot! I have been doing this mission thing for a while now and porting in the heat is nothing new! But I had an experience on Thursday that I have never had before! We knocked on a door and met TOUN... the first person in my WHOLE mission to ask us if we were hot or thirsty and wanted some water! OF COURSE we said yes and we drank some nice fresh water while have a great funny conversation with her! Our little angel on this day! It made porting in a town called Franchville all the better! We will definitely go see her again on a hot day! That night we had a FHE with the young Benoit family! We had some extra time and tried to contact their neighbors but even the donkeys weren’t interested! But we did have a FUN FUN FUN night and got bracelets in return! The whole family was there and we just laughed and I told more lame jokes!! 

Mouna and Moon were set with their baptism on Friday and passed their interview with flying colors! We were overly stressed with getting everything set for the baptism but then we were able to come home and do S’mores!! It doesn’t quite work with French stuff and without any form of fire but we tried! I will definitely be doing that when I get home! 

On Saturday we taught a bunch of Slauco’s friends and family and it went great! I was asked to speak in church so we used that to try to get EVERYONE we knew to come to church and the baptism of course but then we found out that I wouldn’t be speaking and so I was like crap these people are coming and I won’t be speaking so then I was just going to like bare my testimony and I was good with that! Nothing to prepare but had a bunch of friends coming. A few that can’t understand French so that takes some of the pressure off! 

Also me and Soeur Nielson both received packages on Friday! She got a birthday one and I got one from my sister in Spain!! A new planner, book mark and more!! A good day! So if anyone wants to know how to make a missionary happy... send us anything!! 

SUNDAY!! We get to church and find out that actually I will be speaking... FOR 12 minutes!! So let’s just say during that first talk I was brain storming of what the crap I would say! The last time I gave a talk in French I had Soeur Hill write it with me and we spent HOURS on it and it was soo short and simple. This time it had to be long and I had no time. So I went up there and just talked. Good thing I was raised NOT to read a talk because I had nothing to read. I spoke on personal revelation and prayer and it went great!! I took up the full time and I don’t think anyone fell asleep! And it made all 7 Romanians happy to see me speak!! 

After was the baptism and it was beautiful! Mouna has a bad back so we had to have two men help her in the font but it was greeeat!! They were both just glowing! Slauco has been teaching with us and he is a pro already! Sunday was just a magical day!! We also received EVERYTHING in Romanian so we went and taught Slauco’s people last night and they UNDERSTOOD!!

It was a grrrrreat week!

I am sooo blessed and sooo happy! Thank you all for your love and support!!


Soeur Emily Johns

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