Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Friends with Kids

Since all of my friends are now married and starting to have kids... this week we decided to spend a lot of time with kids so that we will know all of the cool trends when we get back and be SUPER rad!!  Did you know that there are these elastic bracelet things?? They are HUGE, HUGE, HUGE in France and literally everyone makes one. Well we have Amis that are kids and then Amis with kids and so with all of those kids added together... I now have a wrist of bracelets! Turns out that actually they have been out for a while in the USA and I am just the lame American that had no idea. I guess living as a missionary for 16 months kind of gets me out of the loop! 

We started our week full of drama! I am sure that ever since Mouna has been in our life it has been nothing but drama and crazy things! Well on Monday she decided to ride dirty on a train back to Lyon to see her other son that is in the mental hospital but she didn’t make it very far and so we had to go find her. Let’s just say that it has been WAY too long since I have gotten home at midnight and I am not looking forward to doing that again! She came back and then we found a safe and legit way for her to go help her son. Good thing Moon is the greatest and just holding the ground down, up here in Toul all on his own. So Mouna has been a bit MIA but we are in contact with her and the sisters in Lyon and she will be back soon! Moon received the Holy Ghost and is soooo cute! His prayers are seriously my favorite! He is so childlike and in his prayers he just tells God that he misses Him and can’t wait to see Him again. I am now going to work on my relationship with God so that I can be closer to him! This is just one little lesson that our 30 year old recent convert, formerly Muslim guy teaches us! Oh and that if he shaves his HUGE beard on Saturday night then it is almost full back on by church Sunday morning. That man can grow facial hair! 

Tuesday we headed out to a village called OEY and whenever I think that Cholet was small I have to remember where I am and realize that I am really in the SMALLEST place ever! In our full sector there are probably 3 or 4 actual cities that have grocery stores and gas stations but EVERYWHERE else is really just a village. Like maybe a dozen houses, an old catholique church and some cows! BUT thanks to that we get to see lots of pretty sunsets and sun flower fields!! 

Ever since I have been in Toul AKA the king of sunflower fields I have wanted to pull over and just take photos. This week... mission accomplished! TWICE! Then I remembered how unpretty I am after a full day of missionary work and then tell myself that we will drive by a field in the morning when I still look fresh! One day... 

Sometimes I wonder if I am too much myself with people here and with members. I am worried that president is going to call me and tell me to be more serious and not to laugh soo much but then I realize that this life is the best life and I am the happiest that I have ever been so DUH I have to be laughing and having a good time ALL the time! I don’t think the members mind because at least they can’t say I am a robot! 

This week we spent some time with our favorite families in the branch! The Vincent’s are wonderful and they have a son my age that is inactive! He is a sooo talented with music and so we just asked if we could come and play music with him and by we I mean my companion and him and I would just take photos and tell them to play my favorite things! I have really gained a testimony that nothing can happen in the gospel or teaching it until you are friends with the person! And I LOVE all of my friends here! His mom then took over the worst part of having a car... backing out! She was a pro and did really good with the hand motions! 

We had an FHE with our other favorite family the Benoits! Their grandkids aren’t baptized and we had Slauco with us too! Playing games in French can be hard but all I know is that I can make a cool bracelet and that I lost a lot of fake money! The girls taught us about Joseph Smith and then we had a crepe party!

I have been a missionary for over 16 months now! The time goes soooo fast! I am in love with this mission and my life! I am happier than ever and keep learning and progressing! I LOVE MY LIFE!

Thank you all for your love and support! 


Soeur Emily Johns

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