Monday, August 25, 2014


The whole 6 months to sexy thing obviously didn’t work and so now it is onto the 6 weeks to sexy and the Lord is providing a way for us to get skinny... WALKING! Having a car has its definite perks but staying in shape by walking everywhere is definitely not one of them. We have been waking up at 6 every morning the past two weeks and running and doing other work outs and also praying to lose weight (missions are not the place to get skinny) and so this week when we had to save A TON of miles to get to some of ours amis we decided we would spend the whole day without a car and in Toul. This means.... WALKING! And walking we did! It is a good thing that just last week I threw out all of my flats that I walked holes through and put on my sturdier ones. Wednesday we walked for 7 hours!! We only took a break for lunch and dinner and those two hours were HEAVEN!! On our day of walking we were able to see some cool things like the first tree house in France I have ever seen! 

I am trying to think of everything that happened this week and all I can really think of is that we prayed a lot to have someone to teach and then we did literally EVERYTHING that we could. And I mean everything! We walked around the same streets hour after hour and day after day and really dug deep for that motivation but I think that God had mercy on us and by Friday things were good again! We just have to keep going sometimes when going is not what we want to do! 

Slauco’s parents are still skyping the elders in Romania and it is tooooo cool! They will be going back to Spain soon and so I decided to try to teach them in Spanish using the planner that my sister gave me... they had a hard time understanding but oh well! 

Teaching Spanish people in Spanish.
Soeur Nielson and I realized that we are horrrrrible of taking photos and so while waiting for Slauco Sunday night for our lesson we decided to have a selfie photo shoot.... we are not the prettiest missionaries but definitely some of the happiest! We had waaay too much fun taking really ugly pictures and then have his parents look at us like we are weird Americans. 

This week was a good one and I am happy! We are working hard and seeing miracles and learning patience! 

I love and miss you all!! My birthday is September 12 just so you all know! 


Soeur Emily Johns

Tahitian Chinese Food

Saying bye to Moon

Toul Cathedrale

Matching the trash can

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