Monday, August 11, 2014

Going HOME

I never realized how much I like clouds and how pretty the sky is until I noticed how many photos I have on my camera of the sky. So I hope you all like them too and if not then this is a way for you to learn to love the sky. Toul still smells GROSS but then I stop looking down and seeing poop everywhere and just look at the sky and see that it is PRETTY!

On Tuesday I had the BEST thing ever happen.... We woke up at 5 am and usually that isn’t the greatest thing to happen but the reason behind it made it all better. No I wasn’t going to Paris. No Kate Middleton didn’t say or wear anything incredible but if she had I wouldn’t know… I WENT TO RENNES!!!!! In France my visa expired and so I had to do my second year legality. I started that WAAAAY back in April and it just now finished. Since I started in Rennes I had to pick it up in Rennes which means 6 hours on the train just to get there BUT also seeing EVERYONE that I love. Not everyone but enough to make me the HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!

We had to go through Paris and change gares so of course I arranged to see one of my BFFs Soeur Wade!! She goes home in like a week so it was SOOO good to see her! Then we continued on our journey to Rennes. If I were you I would pull out a map of France and find Toul in the east and then find Rennes in the West. Traversing the country doesn’t even explain it enough! We literally went across France in less than a day! We arrived in Rennes and met up with my favorite elders ever!!! Ursua and Mataele! When them and me and Wade were all together it was a party every single time! We all bonded over Vampire Diaries and so being back together was BLISS except that Wade was in Paris! But then I remembered why I was really in Rennes and how the prefecture would be closing soon so we had to book it out of there and get there!

It was a stressful afternoon because the payment stamps I had were incorrect and every place to buy them was closed and so there was a lot of stalling by me talking to the workers at the prefecture while the elders were running FAST to get there! It all worked out 3 minutes before it closed by having the elders run in and save my life in France! Now I am proud to say that I can stay in France until July 2015... But I won’t!

Since it isn’t every day that I am in Rennes I had to profit a lot! Seeing my two favorite families and recent convert was a MUST! The Dagrys are sooo amazing and I loved just being in their home again and feeling their love! Clement wasn’t seen at all that day by us but we were sure to get a picture with his picture and his door. Maybe next time! Then Guilluame and Sophie then joined us over to the Letorts were we ate the classic CREPEs made by Delphine! Thank goodness it wasn’t raining in Rennes for once and we enjoyed a nice evening outside! I feel soo at home in Rennes and with these people and I am CONVINCED that it is harder to leave these people in France then it was to leave my family in Utah! It was a SUPER QUICK trip and we spent more time on trains than in Rennes but soooooo sooooo soooo worth it!

My companion still receives birthday packages and we were lucky to get some warheads.... That became the most entertaining thing in the world. Giving them to a bunch of French and Romanian people... CLASSIC! I am still not sure why they no longer have the black one but I am sure that these people would have DIED if they ate them! We got caught in rainstorms with Slauco, received cute drawings at church and saw more pretty things in Toul aka the sky!

It was a great week this week. SOOOOOOOOOO tired but soooo happy! I love this life and for the time that I have to be here!

Thank you all for your love and support!


Soeur Emily Johns

(Since Emily sent a TON of pictures this week I just put a couple in this post. The rest will be in another, separate post.)

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