Monday, May 13, 2013

Bon Voyage

Greetings from the MTC!!! This is my LAST email that I will send from this glorious place. I cannot believe that 6 weeks have gone by and now I am off to Paris. In just a few hours I will leave the MTC and take the FrontRunner to the airport!!! it is getting so real. I remember that the weekish before I left for my mission I couldn't believe that I would be leaving and it just wasn't real and now i am here and have loved every minute. Now I am at the MTC and can't imagine not being here but I am so ready to be in France and serving, teaching and meeting so many amazing people! AHHHH!!!!

So the last week in the MTC is kind of weird. There is still a lot to learn but it gets harder because you know that you will learn way more and faster in France just by doing it so at times it was hard to stay motivated but I think I did it! I have heard so many times that the Lord blesses you in the MTC but He gives the best blessings at the end for those that keep working. I have already seen so many blessings in my life just from being on a mission for a little over a month. It was a good last week and I will leave with amazing memories from the empty sea!
For our last Tuesday Devotional we had a member from the 70 come. I don't have my notes with me so I can't think of his name but his first name is Eduardo and his wife is Norma. They are from Ecuador I think. His wife was incredible. She bore her testimony in 4 languages INCLUDING FRENCH!!!! She has such passion and faith and I just loved every minute of her speaking.

I hosted!!!! A few weeks ago our district signed up to host new missionaries but we were never asked to host. We were bummed because hosting looks so fun. FINALLY this past Wednesday we all got to host incoming missionaries. There were so many sister hosts that I only hosted one new sister but she was a doll. Hermana Hadley was her name and I hope she loves the MTC as much as I have! Her residence was a LOT nicer than mine so I know she should love that at least. It was so fun seeing 650 new missionaries be dropped off. It brought back the memory of when I was dropped off almost 6 weeks ago. I saw the parents who had just dropped their child off and were driving away, it was sad. They were so happy but sad at the same time. I am sure that is how my family looked. I know that for me at least I was SOOO excited but sad to not see my family for 18 months!
On Thursday we had in-field orientation with all the missionaries who are leaving these next few days. It was so great. For those of you who have seen the Missionary Documentary thingy THE DISTRICT should know who Elder Christensen is. He was in the District 2 and blond with a prominent nose. Anyway, he works here and was part of the orientation. In the movie him and his companion taught German about the Law of Chastity. It may have been the funniest part of the District ever! Elder Christensen was teaching about a man in the bible who had some issues with chastity. This is what he taught, "He broke the law of chastity. He uhhh uh broke it." It is so funny and awkward and his companion is just trying not to laugh. It may be on youtube so check it out. Anyway my district watches the clip every time we need laughter, A LOT! I think I have improved a bit on thinking before I speak but I guess not THAT much because when he was introducing himself I may have shouted "CHASTITY" and everyone just cracked up and Brother Christensen looks at me and says, "I will break you!" I really didn't mean to shout it that loud but I guess being on the front row helped my voice carry. It was funny and afterwards i talked with him. He said that usually he puts himself under the bus with that but was glad that I did it for him this time. He has a good sense of humor about it!

On Saturday we had our last classes at the MTC! We said goodbye to Soeur Emma Wilson who has been with us since our first day and to Brother Jared Sybrowsky who replaced Brother Larimer. It was sad. The teachers at the MTC love what they do so much and I know that they do it because they love the gospel, missionary work, missions and their missions. I have been so blessed to have had so many amazing teachers that have helped prepare me for France!

Yesterday was my last full day in the MTC! For Relief Society here they bring in amazing women who speak. Yesterday it was Janice Kapp Perry... for all you mormons out there go look at your hymn book and childrens hymn and you will see her name all over it. It was a really good talk that she gave. She wrote "As Sisters In Zion" which is one of my favorite songs. She said that they are making a mission CD geared toward sisters so I am excited for that! THEN she said that she re-wrote As Sisters in Zion to make it be for missions and it is called "Sisters of Zion" and it was amazing. The best part is that us sisters got to sing it and it was the FIRST time that is has been sung ever!!! The words are incredible and made me even more pumped to be a sister missionary. So be looking for that song!!

For ALL the Moms, Grandmas, and future Mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I know that my mom has been the GREATEST blessing in my life and I hope that every child feels the same way about their mom and that all the moms had a great day all about them! It was the first Mothers Day that I didn't have with my mom but it was still a good one and I am positive that my sisters spoiled her the way that she deserves. So thank you Mom for ALL that you do!!!!

The next time that you hear from me I will be in FRANCE in my first area! I can't wait! I will get my new address out to you all asap but you can still email me at and I will reply! Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported me the past 6 weeks and who will continue to support me throughout my mission and life. I love you all. The people I know really well and the people I hardly know at all, you are all amazing!

I love this gospel. I have learned and grown from it so much in the short time I have been a missionary. I know the blessings that it brings to peoples lives and i can't wait for the people of the France Paris Mission to receive the blessings they will receive from the Gospel. It has brought me so much happiness and peace in my life and I want everyone to have that!

Soeur Emily Johns

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