Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have lived another week in France!!! Time is so weird here! I think it goes by so fast at times and then sooo slow at other times but I know it is just going to go faster and faster and I need to love and use every minute here!

So last Tuesday we had our fun part of the PDay and so we went to Versailles Palace! We went to the gardens where Marie Antoinette had little poor people villages made for her to play in. It was so pretty and the little cottages reminded me of Germany! It was full of rolling hills and sheep right in the middle of downtown Versailles!

On Wednesday we had zone conference and district meeting in Paris. It was cool to see some of the elders that I was in the mtc with! After the meetings my companion went back to Versailles with Souer Pymm and I stayed in Paris with Souer Hoover. We went street contacting and taught a lesson right next to Moulon Rouge. My family definitely didn't see that when we have been in Paris in the past and  i didn't think that i would see it this time either but oh well. The apartment in Paris is brand new and they didn't have a lot of time to get everything set up before move in so there was no hot water or heat. So the many years that my mom waited to turn on the heat really prepared me for the night. It wasn't that bad at all though. Morning with the shower was another story. We boiled water and put it in a trash can and put cold water in to make it a good temperature and then used a cup to pour water on our bodies. definitely the fastest shower that i have taken! it was  a fun time and i learned a lot. 
on our way back to meet up with our companions to switch back we were running to catch a metro and here the metros make an annoying sound when the doors are about to close. we were running to catch it and it sounded off but we didn't know how long it would stay open for so Soeur Hoover barely makes it in which means that i barely don't. she motioned something but i don't know what she said so i just sat at a bench and waited. i wasn't scared or anything UNTIL a man sat next to me. I am not that weird of a missionary that i cant handle a man sitting next to me but then he started talking to me! in our mission the sisters teach women and the elders teach men so he said something to me and i wasn't listening so i was just like i don't understand and then he asked if i spoke Spanish and i was like no Ingl├ęs and he asked my name and i was nervous and i said Emily instead of sister johns and then he leaned in and asked me for a kiss and I was like noooo!!!! then he left and i was really happy when i saw Soeur Hoover and i now have a really strong testimony of why we are sent in two and not by ourselves!!! 

the rest of the week went really well. We taught some lessons and i got to know some members better. OSaturday we helped an american mother write her talk for mothers day which is the 26th of May here. it was fun and she fed us! my companion was never fed by members before so it is a big deal to be fed! her talk was great but the other speakers in sacrament went forever and so she didn't get to speak so that was a big bummer.

then last night we spent the evening with a Swiss/American SUPER awesome family for mothers day. it was a lot of fun! 

It has been a great week and the next week will be even greater! We are off to explore the Louvre and I am excited to appreciate it this time because last time i hated museums! 

i love you all and want to hear from you all in email or letters!!! Being a missionary is awesome!!!

Love Soeur Emily Johns

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