Monday, May 13, 2013

Pictures: Final Week at the MTC!

100% with the MTC! Now on to the field!

Emily and Nathan Peterson. Representing Bitburg, Germany!

Emily and Soeur Hunsaker after hosting!

Wall sits.... This is how their teacher keeps them focused!

On Wednesdays we WEAR pink! (meangirls)

With their teachers Soeur Wilson and Frere Sybrowsky
Emily's district at the Temple with their flag!
Most of the missionaries heading to Paris and Lyon today!
46 to Paris and 20 something to Lyon total!
Emily with Nathan Peterson again!
Emily and Sarah Schwab! From Kenewick, WA heading to Netherlands/Belgium mission.
They will share Brussels. 
Emily with her foreign friends. Elder Visconti from France who served in Paris waiting for his visa
but now will be in the Provo, UT mission. Elder Hernandez from Mexico and headed to Wisconsin!
Emily and Jordan Eberhand. They are from the same home stake. They got set apart on the same night.
He will be there for 3 more weeks then off to Japan!

The girls Emily had a slumber party with every night for the past 6 weeks!
The other two are going to Brazil but are re-assigned to NY NY South.
Sister Romney and Sister Sandburg!

 The rest are Emily and her companion selfies! Looks like they are having fun with their camera!


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