Monday, August 19, 2013

Running...and Crying!

I am a runner!!!!!!!  I know you all won’t believe me so I will say it again…I AM A RUNNER!!!!

It is the craziest thing ever and I still don’t know how it is happening and how I am still alive but it is true! So as missionaries we wake up at 6:30 EVERY morning and we have until 7 to exercise. In the MTC we got an hour like every day and LOTS of options like sand volleyball, stationary bike and just like a real gym. As a real missionary now we don’t quite have that option. So the past three months for the exercise time we have done LOTS of stretching and sit ups and just little things that we can do in the apartment. We were under the impression that by the time we are done with our morning prayers and stuff that it wouldn’t be worth it to go outside and actually do something…THAT HAS CHANGED! Sœur Stahly aka the best companion EVER has opened my eyes! So we started running! I have always wanted to be a runner but have never done it and always just end up all sweaty and red and breathing funny. But not any longer! The first morning I thought that I would just willingly go with her to be a good companion but had totally thought that I could NOT run and that I didn’t know how to breathe and run at the same time. I was wrong. I DID IT! And the coolest thing is that I AM DOING IT! It is a true Christmas Miracle! I am probably more proud of myself for running than I am for learning how to cook and to kind of speak French. It is like my childhood dream is coming true!!

Sorry about my LAME email last week. We had no time and so oh well. Now I know the rules and have time managed better. There is not an actual time limit on email but we should be responsible and not spend as much time as we were before! So now I know and can be obedient! I will go back to putting my energy into my weekly emails so forgive me for last week!

On Tuesday we had district meeting in Paris and our zone had some training together! I love my zone! We have the Chinese elders in it because the Chinese speaking elders spend their whole time in Paris so it is nice to have consistency with that! On our way to Paris that morning we were able to meet this really cool couple from Amsterdam! They didn’t speak any French and didn’t know the metros and Paris well. My comp has never served around Paris and so she didn’t know Paris well but I know Paris well enough but I don’t know French well but she does so together we were able to help them! I have been crying… Not because of the running though. Because of my companion. We just laugh SOO much that I literally have to be given a tissue to wipe away my tears. After we parted ways with the couple from the Netherlands we started talking about geography. My comp is REALLY smart like BYU Stats TA and everything but just like me, she can sometimes forget little things. She momentarily must have forgotten but she asked exactly which countries are with the Netherlands. Having Holland and the Netherlands be the same place can be confusing and then also getting the Netherlands, Finland and Norway mixed up can be troubling too! It was so funny and then we were trying to clarify them all and in the confusion she asked which country speaks ‘’no Asian’’ she meant Norwegian but it didn’t come out right and so now we always say that we speak no Asian and die ! Maybe you just had to be there! We have been having so much fun together and I am totally able to be myself and it is the best! It makes everything better because as hard as we work it is still soo fun because we just laugh and enjoy it together! Companions make a huge difference but I have learned that so does my attitude and perspective!

Tomorrow is my little sister Jennifer’s 19th Birthday!! She is the one who will be becoming a missionary in Madrid in three months so a big shout out to her! I have always liked her birthday because then it means MINE IS NEXT!!! It is less than a month away! I am pretty excited about it! My awesome companion somehow knew how much I was missing real American Peanut Butter and she brought a jar with her from her last area that had Americans in it! So it is like a little early birthday party in my mouth when I get to eat that! There are just little things that France doesn’t have that America has and vice versa but Peanut Butter is up there with Oreos but France tries their best but oh well!

The work is still progressing! Now that I have Sœur Stahly from KANSAS with me and vacance is ending it is picking back up! I LOVE being a missionary and being able to speak with people and to share with them this happiness and love that I feel! I have really been learning lately how to love people that I just met and it is great! I am happier than I ever thought possible and LOVE every minute of my life!

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support!


Sœur Emily Johns

Emily with the other Soeur Johns!

Emily at their crepe party!

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