Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi!! I am in a big rush! But I promise I am going to make this as good as I can for as little time that I have. There will most likely be lots of typos and I don’t think I can blame it on the keyboard anymore so please bare with me!

So on Tuesday me and Soeur Melville decided we wanted to make a film. So we did. Everyone please be ready to watch A Day in the Life of a Missionary by Soeurs Melville and Johns. It should be in a theatre near you in 2014! We filmed pretty much our whole day together on Tuesday to the point where we had to recharge her camera battery and then just keep filming somehow. I don’t know if it will be as funny and cool to other viewers but watching it back I just about peed my pants. It was fun to be able to capture what a day in the life is for us and to remember our crazy times. Hopefully we didn’t look toooooo touristy with a camera always out but oh well.

On Wednesday it rained... A LOT! So I guess my prayers to not have it be so deathly hot worked and so it rained! I wasn’t as appreciative as I thought I would be because we had to drag suitcases to and from Paris all day and it was not fun in the rain! But on Wednesday a HUGE portion of the mission met in Paris for transfers and to bring back new companions. It was SOOOOOOO fun being able to see and meet so many missionaries. I really have the best people in my mission and I love being able to call these people my friends! I brought back Soeur Brittany Stahly with me and we went straight to work. She didn’t even want to unpack!

I wish that there were more crazy and adventurous stories to share but really we have just been busy! It is crazy. We spent every day the past few days just talking to everyone, going to visit old amis and just getting solid people to teach. Having such an experienced companion is probably the greatest thing that has happened to me! I now know the rules and how to be a real missionary and am seeing that if you are exactly obedient and really actually working then you will see miracles because we are seeing miracles.

This whole past month and a half have been hard because of vacance but the past week with being exactly obedient I am seeing the miracles and the blessings. Our entire week next week is packed full of lessons and people to teach! It is incredible! I have NEVER worked so hard or talked to as many people and I am really more tired than I have ever been and my feet are sorer but I am like ten times happier! I was really happy my first two transfers here and I really loved being a missionary but now it is at this whole new level that I didn’t know was possible and now I don’t even know why I was happy before because this is amazing! I have the BEST companion and I have been able to be 100% myself and just loving every moment of every day!
Emily with her new companion Soeur Stahly

The language is coming and I really know that it will continue to come but I still sometimes struggle on the phone. So there is this old ami named Eva and I called her yesterday and we were speaking in French and I asked if we could see her this week and she said she is going to be at the hospital and I asked if she was okay and she said yes so I asked if we could see her this week but obviously I didn’t understand everything she was saying and sometimes I get too into actually seeing the person that I forget to try to speak with the person and she got frustrated and so in English she said, '' I don’t think you understand. I am going to the hospital this week to deliver my baby!!'' turns out she is pregnant and doing well but won’t be seeing us this week.... I will learn how to listen better!

The reason that this is so rushed and boring is because we had interviews with President and also because I found out that we actually have a limited amount of time to email and so the long time I was doing before is not good and so I am rushed. Every other transfer president meets with each missionary to see how they are doing. Our zone is being interviewed by him tomorrow in Paris at our zone conference but since my district all lives around the mission home we got lucky enough to see him today on our pday for interviews and see him tomorrow when he interviews our zone. So I wasn’t able to show Paris and Versailles off to my new comp but good thing we have another pday next week! I was interviewed by both President and his wife. I not only have the best mission but I also have the BEST mission president and his wife EVER!! They obviously are a huge factor to why our mission is the best but I just love them and knowing that they are always there and love and care about me soo much! It just makes everything better!

I LOVE being a missionary and am learning more and more each day how to be a better missionary and a better person. I love the people here and the chance that I have to add to their happiness with the message that I have. The gospel of Jesus Christ really is incredible and I know that the church of Jesus Christ was restored by Joseph Smith and that we have a living prophet called by God today! It is amazing and brings me so much joy knowing the things that I know and I am so happy to share it with everyone that I see!
I love you all! Thank you all soo much for your love and support!

Soeur Emily Johns

P.S. My REAL Birthday is in exactly 1 month!!!!

Emily with the pancakes that she made!

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