Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Turkish food and illegal markets...

I LOVE VERSAILLES!! I want to be here forever and with my comp forever but I know that I will leave sometime and that there are other great villes! I will probably be leaving on September 18 but who knows! I may get lucky and stay here until October 30! The suspense is killing me!

This was a great week! As most people know, I lived in Turkey and have been lucky enough to go back with the US Embassy. Anyway, I LOVE TURKEY! I love the food and the people and just everything! Every place that my family ever visited the first thing we ate was Turkish food and we eat Turkish food in Utah and we just love Turkish food. There are a lot of Middle Eastern places in France and lots of Kebabs but I have been wanting one from a Turkish place since my first day in Versailles... Well it happened!!! I went in and in my bad French I asked if they were from Turkey because if they are from Tunis or someplace then it doesn’t count... THEY WERE FROM ADANA!!! That is like right where I lived and I told the guy and he couldn’t believe it! He either wasn’t impressed ENOUGH or just a good business man but we didn’t get the food for free but the food was good! I was just soo happy to be eating food made by Turkish people! YUM!!

I have mentioned that my Birthday is coming up a few times and I am sure you are all glad to know that I am as obnoxious about it as a missionary across the world as I would be if I were at home! Since I don’t know really how Birthdays are on a mission or how many of you really care too much I am glad to say that ELDER OAKS will be my Birthday present so you don’t have to stress over sending me packages but if you want you can and they will be gladly accepted! So I haven’t asked the APs if he is really coming ON my birthday because they will just tease me about it because I made it clear the past few months that I want him ON my birthday but rumor around the mission is that he is coming to speak to us missionaries on September 12 which is my birthday! He will then speak to members to create the Paris South Stake on the 15th so it will be a fun week!

My comp and I have been working really hard on finding new amis and to help them really progress! With faith, obedience and hard work IT HAPPENS!! We have a solid teaching pool and members are now returning from Vacance so things are going great! It will just be THAT much harder when I leave! I love the people here and really want to keep seeing how this gospel blesses and changes their lives! It is the best to be a part of!

Today we decided to go to Paris for our PDay and we met up with two other sisters who are serving in Torcy! They are so awesome! Soeur Huntsman from Bountiful and Soeur Pulupuna from Tonga/Cali! We met them at Sacre Coeur and it was so fun! On our way out we walked through this street and were so excited because there were a ton of street venders but we didn’t have time to really stop but we kept walking through and we all of a sudden see all of the vendors hurry and just pack up and start running off... It was STRANGE! But turns out the police were coming and they were all ready to pack and go ASAP! So in about 2.5 seconds the street that was full of vendors and cool bags and watches and people quickly turned into an empty ally, with four sister missionaries and cardboard boxes that were the tables... Police here really know how to stop shopping sprees! It was crazy and cool at the same time!

I love being a missionary and really am learning so much! My testimony and love for this gospel continues to grow each day and so is my love for these people and the work! I have seen the blessing of the gospel in my own life SO much the past 4 months and want the same for everyone here!

I am happy and healthy and STILL A RUNNER!! WOO HOO!!!

Thank you ALL for your love, support and prayers!!

Soeur Emily Johns

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