Monday, April 7, 2014

Bye Bye

Well this week I said goodbye to Lo and to my LONG hair...

On Monday night we went over to the Letorts. My favorite family here in Rennes! They are soo great and I feel like home being with them! They will actually be seeing my family in Utah at the end of the month and I am so excited for them! Soeur Letort saw how damaged the bottom of my hair is and so she offered to cut it. And cut it she did! It is the shortest that my hair has EVER been but also probably the healthiest that it has ever been! I really miss my long hair but it grows...RIGHT?? I just want it to be long before I get home and so on verra!

That same day we had to really drop Lo. Turns out that he found me on Facebook and he began to call me Emily and wouldn’t stop with the asking me out and making inappropriate comments. It wasn’t the most patient and kind that I have ever been but it was a phone call that needed to happen and we haven’t heard from him since!

On April Fools we had district meeting and exchanges! Soeur Hafen and Soeur Holmes from Nantes came to Rennes! I love them both! They are just one transfer ahead of me and I even had a class with Soeur Hafen at BYU! Soeur Holmes and I saw a lot of cool miracles and realized how many friends we have in common. BYU is a small place! It was a lot of fun and my companion learned a lot from Soeur Hafen as well and so it was a great exchange for all involved!

That night me and Soeur Williams had some time in the evening but not enough time to leave the neighborhood. We decided to go out and contact around where we live... NO ONE WAS OUTSIDE! Not exaggerating like I normally do. Not even men were outside! We just really wanted to have a conversation with SOMEONE and were not having any success. So we went down a street and said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to place someone in our path that we could talk to and share why we are here... GOD LOVES US!! Right after that a woman comes down the street. Victoria, 29, from Russia who speaks PERFECT English with a New York accent and all! She was super cool and we were able to just talk with her for a good 15 minutes. Not sure if she wants to learn about the gospel or if she just wants to be friends with us but we are definitely grateful for the chance we had to meet her!

A few weeks ago we were at the bus stop and a lady named Nadia asked if we were the missionaries. We only had time to really say yes before she hopped on her bus and we left with regret that we didn’t give her our card or anything... ANOTHER MIRACLE! A few days later we get a text from an unknown number. NADIA!! Turns out that she is a really good friend with a member named Alexandra and she wanted to arrange to have us all over for lunch!! SO SO SO COOL! Not sure why we deserved to see that miracle but I am happy we did! So on my year mark as a missionary we went and had a GREAT lunch with our new friend! She even gave us a parting gift! It was sooo nice!!

This past weekend was my last conference as a missionary... It was amazing!! I don’t know when I will see the Sunday afternoon session because it takes forever to get here but other than that it was great! I learned so much and left on a spiritual high that was much needed!!

I can’t believe that I have been wearing this tag with the name of Christ for a year! The time has been incredible and I wouldn’t exchange any of the experiences that I have had! I cant even imagine how much I am going to learn these next 6 months!!

So we live next to the mental hospital. Not kidding; it is the psych ward... we see A LOT of interesting things and sometimes it is hard during studies not to look out the window and just watch what is going on! Last night as we were walking home we see a man in a blue suit hop behind the bus stop as if hiding from someone... STRANGE but then exactly 2 seconds later a big white van full of doctors pull up and they all run out and catch the man.. I guess he escaped. Just another exciting evening in Rennes!

I love being a missionary! It has really been the best thing in my life!!

I love you and miss you!


Soeur Emily Johns

The hair cut process!

Marko! He said he is coming to the USA to talk to my parents about secret things concerning me...then the Elders said I need to be transferred...

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