Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is going to be one of my lamest weekly emails because I can’t figure out how to attach any photos and this week just wasn’t that exciting so forgive me in advance! Just know that the week after will HAVE to be better in comparison! (Thankfully I am late in updating and have the pictures she wanted to attach.)

This week I took my little bleu out porting for the first time!! Getting some good old door knocking in was much needed! It just reminded me sooo much of my days in Cholet... EVERY SINGLE DAY! I have really learned to enjoy it and look forward to seeing what is behind that door! We met a really nice woman who ended up talking with us for about 20 minutes just at her doorstep! It was a nice evening! It hasn’t rained a single time since Soeur Williams got here and so that makes everything a whole lot nicer when the sun is out!!

On Wednesday EVERY SINGLE rendezvous that we fixed got cancelled but we ended up having a pretty good day! It just goes to show that if we plan and work hard then we will be blessed. It still is a bit annoying how often people aren’t there for our lessons but oh well! I sure am learning patience! We got our first pastries together which was much needed!

While walking to the bus one morning a friendly German man with a basket full of flowers came up to us and just gave us LOTS of pretty flowers. Still not sure why but I wasn’t going to ask questions! He was just so jolly and happy! It brightened our morning!!

We taught a really cool family from Congo this week! We had only planned on seeing the teenage girl that we knew but her whole family was there and so we had a little African party! It was too fun! I sure love my Africans!

I have been sick since Soeur Williams got here! Like a reaaaally bad cold. My nose is no longer running out but now I can’t speak because I just cough and cough! I had to leave sacrament yesterday because I couldn’t stop and figured people rather hear the speakers then me hacking up my lungs! It was the service that I did for the day!

We decided to go through the phone and text everyone that we didn’t know... We now have a FULL week of rdvs with people that we just have a name! We will see how that works! We just needed to clean out our phone and figure out who was still interested in meeting with the missionaries!

I got my notice that I need to do my second year legality of being in France... I have been here in France for 10 months!! TIME FLIES FAST!!!

I love being a missionary soo much and really feel like I have changed for the better through this experience that I have had! I am lucky to be here at this time!

Thank you for all of your love and support!


Sœur Emily Johns

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