Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This past week was really wonderful! What a difference a companion can make!

On Tuesday me and Soeur Williams had our last lessons together and it was a bit sad but really good at the same time! She has progressed so much and I am excited for her future! We spent a lot of time just talking while she packed and prepared to head to her next city!

Emily with Soeur Williams and their matching mommy and me gifts

On Wednesday morning Sophie and I dropped her off at the gare and I spent the day with Sophie while I waited for Soeur Wade! I WENT TO COLLEGE!!! College in France is sooo sooo sooo different than college in America and I never missed being at BYU so much until this week! But then I read all the emails from my friends doing finals week and I am much more grateful to be on a mission! It was cool to be with Sophie but I did not feel like a missionary AT ALL!

Soeur Wade is my comp!! Soeur Jalen Wade is from Heber, Utah and a transfer above me! We have only been together for 5 days but I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time! TOO MUCH FUN!!

On Thursday we were talking to this lady on the bus and she was super cool! We got her number but she INSISTED on having our number too and so I pulled out a blank card and began to write our number but then I realized that I don’t know our phone number and didn’t have it written down anywhere..... So frazzled I did the only thing that I know how to do and just wrote 10 random numbers down and told her that we will call her. Then when we got off the bus and I told my companion what I did we just laughed and laughed... until we realized that we don’t know our phone number and so we had to do the call of shame and call the elders and ask them to text us our phone number.... so now we will be able to give it out easier!

We went on a hunt for some members and let me tell you that finding random addresses without a gps is a lot harder than in Utah. We may have had to hike up our skirts and jump a few fences but hey we found the places we were looking for!

We had a full week of FHEs with members for Easter and with our cool Tahitian couple we had a jam session and sang... my comp is really talented so I will profit bien with that!  I love love love FHE soo much! Yesterday we spent Easter with a really cool family and received lots of chocolate which doesn’t do much for our 6 month to sexy but we will do better!

At church I received perfume from Marko... I get a head ache from it but it is the thought that counts! And today is a holiday and everything is closed but we just happen to be at the cyber cafe at the same time as... LO!!! That guy that was in love with me. It was super awkward and he bought us candy... weird!

I am so happy and just love being a missionary! Thank you all for your love and support!


Soeur Emily Johns

Emily genuinely afraid with a cat. She hates cats!

Happy Easter from the Johns' girls. 

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