Thursday, September 25, 2014

You Know You're a Sister Missionary When...

Another great week in Toul! 

On Monday I tried to multi task which seems more and more impossible as my mission goes on. I was just simply trying to walk down the street and read a birthday letter from my bleu at the same time. BAD combinations. I walked right into the corner or a shutter and cut my head and ended up having a concussion for 4 days... Don’t worry the mission nurse was sure to call me every single day and my companion took care of me when she wasn’t laughing at me! The letter was well worth it AND I got my last birthday gift! ThiThanh sent me TONS AND TONS of makeup! 

Soeur Nielson fell (KARMA)

TUESDAY Elder Ursua and I tried to get the Vampire Corner back but it wasn’t quite the same without Soeur Wade and Elder Mataele but oh well. We get starburst at district meeting and I still think that France needs to get some of our home goods in the USA! 

We have been baking lots and lots and lots and I think it is statistically proven that the more you bake the more people love you. With ALL of the peanut butter that we have gotten together we were able to make the BEST peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and are slowly converting all of the frenchies to love PB but still  have a hard time with the concept of putting peanut butter, jam and sandwich bread together.. ONE DAY! 

In the east of France it is supposed to get REALLY cold in the winter and EVERY SINGLE person uses logs to warm their homes and Soeur Nielson and I are officially PROFESSIONAL!! We just transport barrels and barrels of logs to people’s homes and it is fun! I am pretty sure that I have permanently damaged my back but oh well! We continued to do that all day Thursday morning and it was great! On the drive back we saw a pretty field and had to take a photo... and maybe talk about playing the Chinese fire drill but realized that is not the best idea. Be proud! 

On Thursday we had our last RDV with Gerard...he loves giving gifts so once again Soeur Nielson profited and got gifted too! We are lucky girls! He got us nice French chocolate and a tour of the catherdral AKA the ONLY thing in Toul to see! It is really pretty!! 

We had some more time in the gare this week and finally took a picture of the pretty steps! Also just more and more early service opportunities for us! In a porting session that we had, we found some gnomes and a soccer game to entertain us! It makes porting a lot more exciting!  Also we got stuck in a rain storm and so we tried to jump in the puddles but our feet got too cold so it made for some awkward photos! 

The stake president came to church yesterday; please remember 10 years from now when he is a general authority that I knew him! He came from Luxembourg and we had a little meeting with him yesterday! He is incredible! Me and Soeur Nielson are already better people from knowing him for a week! 

This week has been great and I am happy! Things are going well! 


I am starting my last FULL week as a sister missionary and so in honor of me and a few of my companions have made this list. Please Enjoy! It is called, You Know You're a Sister Missionary When... and some things are more Paris France Mission specific but you can all understand I am sure! 


  • Your only perfume is fabric softener. 
  • Your daily moral dilemma is whether or not to carry your heavy bible. 
  • Sunday is the MOST stressful day of the week.
  • You walk ALL day and still gain weight. 
  • You know the significance of TONIGHT YOU WILL JOIN OUR BROTHERHOOD (The Testaments)
  • You get excited to go grocery shopping just because they play good music. 
  • Your ultimate goal is to secure dates none of which actually involve boys.
  • You always refer to yourself in plural pronouns
  • You know more people with problems than a psychologist
  • You are more excited for General Conference than Christmas
  • You know EFY songs by heart
  • You know more scripture references than gospel songs
  • You are afraid to drink water because you don’t know when you will get to use the bathroom again
  • You're more comfortable talking to a 60 year old woman than a 20 year old man
  • The first thing you notice is whether or not they have a stroller
  • You're excited to go to Paris not to see the Eiffel Tower but to see other missionaries
  • You want to marry someone just like Levi Savage
  • You get 8 hours of sleep and are still exhausted
  • Your favorite magazine is the conference issue of the Liahona
  • When you talk about boys back home as progressing or non-progressing amis
  • When you're more excited about mission reunions that high school reunions
  • When you have weird tans lines EVERYWHERE
  • When you see a group of men and run the other way
  • Your favorite times of the day are 8am and 9pm
  • When you stop getting ready except for zone conference and baptisms
  • Your soeur book is more important than your passport
  • You're frudged by your amis but still can’t wait to see them
  • You can call, text, pass by with cookies and still not understand that they just aren’t that into you
  • It is weirder to be called by your first name than your last
  • You are dreading summer vacance
  • Decorating planners are more fun than decorating a home
  • You can spend 24/7 with someone and not want to kill them
  • The post lady is your best friend or worst enemy... Depending on the day
  • The best letter writers are other missionaries without iPhones
  • You can wait hours outside someone’s house and be considered dedicated and not creepy
  • You ring stranger’s doorbells for fun but it isn’t doorbell ditching
  • Stretching in bed with lights on counts as exercise! 
Slauco teaching people on the phone how to pray
Early morning service
When I tried to do Soeur Nielson's hair 

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