Monday, September 8, 2014


September has officially began which means so has my last month as a fulltime missionary. People have told me that it is my session of lasts now but me and Soeur Nielson continue to do a lot of things for the first time. So instead of feeling like an old missionary who has done everything, I feel like a bleu who is learning soo much all of the time!

On Monday we wanted to buy some new plastic baggies for like sandwiches and were sooo proud when we found a cool color of blue. But when we got home we were pretty disappointed.... THEY ARE TO MAKE ICE CUBES!!! So we still can’t take any sandwiches on the go or give any cute bags of cookies to people but we can make a lot of ice! It wasn’t our most intelligent moment but it was our first time buying ice cubes bags and hopefully our last!

Exchanges are crazy and hectic and this was my final one! I am relieved and sad at the same time! I was back in Nancy with Soeur Berge. We are fb friends so feel free to stalk her! We had a lot of fun and it was a nice final exchange! Remember my FIRST exchange when I got left in a Paris metro my first week as a missionary? Yeah I have come a LOOOONG way since then!

On Wednesday I hit my 17th month mark as a missionary and we celebrated it by doing our daily 6am run. The whole photo a day thing sure makes it a bit easier to know what I have done with my life! I have learned sooo much in the past 17 months and know that I have soo much more to learn in these next 3 weeks!

PARIS, PARIS, PARIS! I love that place and it really has a special place in my heart! Waking up at 445 for our train wasn’t the best part but seeing a lot of my friends made it worth it! I gave my dying testimony and may have destroyed the Spirit that was there by telling lame jokes but oh well! It was crazy because I was just in front of like 50 people, mostly all young missionaries, and supposed to give some advice or share what I have learned on my mission but all I could think about was that this is all I want to do! Share what I love with others and stay the happiest! We of course made a trip to HEMA and I bought way too many stickers and pens and cute things that I won’t be using but oh well! Also a lot of people here think that we are nuns. Probably because our name says soeur but I ALWAYS tell everyone that we are not them... well coming back to Paris we saw a companionship of nuns and so of course I asked for a photo! They knew exactly who were were and they said they would pray for us. Too nice!

Friday the Paris and the Lyon mission combined its efforts in a day of finding. We prayed every 30 minutes and we saw a lot of cool things! Soeur Nielsen and I learned a lot of following inspiration and also in trusting each other’s inspiration! We got some cool peoples numbers and were able to teach a lot! We had to take a break in finding to make journals for the seminary students but that was not a problem because I found a lot of cool photos in the liahona including one of someone in my old ward! SMALL WORLD!

Saturday we spent the evening learning about family history and finding pretty flowers with the Benoit girls. Also a lot of good contacting going on. I am probably going to have to start wearing sunscreen because you all know how much the sun loves to turn me red...

Sunday we surprised Slauco with his own missionary badge! He was soooo cute and kept saying that he didn’t think it was possible and he was just sooo happy! We explained that he isn’t a full time missionary but that his plaque is a reminder! He will make a good missionary in the future!

MY BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY!!!! I will be 22 and am sooo excited! I have already received a couple of gifts and am excited to celebrate it with people that I love here!

I love and miss you all! My kind mom has reminded me that I only have 24 days left but not sure how right that is because I am still having too much fun here!

Thank you so much for your love and your support!!


Soeur Emily Johns

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