Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Feeling 22!!

Well this week was my birthday week. I may have told Soeur Nielson that chez moi we celebrate for the whole week and she believed me and so CELEBRATE WE DID!! Really I just wanted more of a reason to see so many people that I love and share special moments together. I really have matured and it wasn’t all about the presents even though I did get some good ones! I have decided to list some of the 22 reasons that I LOVE my mission and being a missionary but I will get to that after I summarize the week! 

On Monday we hit up all of the stores in Toul and by ALL I mean 2... Unfortunately things are still too short and so we just left with some cool rings and belts and little things like that KNOWING that we would do a round two in Nancy the next day! We tried to take our photo of the day with our shopping success but too many phone calls kept happening so here are some candid shots! 

Tuesday we had district meeting in Nancy! I was surprised with cake and a cool coke thing that says Soeur. I still have WAAAY too much energy to ever need caffeine but it was cool for the photo! We hurry and came back to Toul after district meeting to teach Slauco and to find some cool people before heading BACK to Nancy for a European sister conference thingy. We had some time to kill and so we decided to go SHOPPING instead of eating dinner.... and I don’t regret it! I won’t show or tell anyone what I bought so that you can all be surprised when I get home. It was this conference for all of the 39 countries in Europe but for sisters only and still no one has any idea why exactly but we aren’t complaining to have apostles speak to our area. But the French translation was HORRIBLE so we decided to try to get it in English on the computer but it was sooooo slow. So selfies and frustration and hunger took over! 

On Wednesday we were just pretty busy and totally forgot to do our photo of the day and so we did it sleeping at like 10:30! It looks legit right? We made the commitment to do this photo thing and so we do it! Thursday was a fun day and we were able to spend the evening with our favorite family! We first did service at the grandparents by transporting LOTS of wood to warm homes in the winter and then went to the younger family to celebrate! Me and Mathelyne have the SAME birthday just 13 years apart. It was too fun! The other kids also have September birthdays so we had plaques made for each one of them! SOO priceless! I am going to start praying that they will serve missions in Utah and then it will come full circle! I guess maybe turning 22 got to me and I lost my memory because I left my bag, keys and camera at different people’s homes so we got home kind of late... 

MY BIRTHDAY!!!  SOOOOOOO much fun! I think it may have gone down as one of my best birthdays yet! I opened up presents and then continued to open up presents during the next few days as they arrived! Too much love! We decided to get sushi for lunch and YUM!! For some reason the sushi is soo much better here than in Provo.... My comp can’t stand the idea of uncooked meat but it was fun anyway! Then to celebrate we got macaroons!! Then birthday dinner at the Backs with the older Benoits! I am tooo tooo tooo spoiled! I got gifts AND to include my comp... She got a few too! It was just too much love and happiness in one day! 

Saturday we had stake conference followed by ANOTHER birthday dinner with our other amis. Another cake with candles and I am hoping that making the same wish 4 times pays off! Louis and Sylvie made it so much and I love them! 

Sunday another round of stake conference followed by making macaroons with the Benoits! Fanny is known for being the BEST cook and she taught us how to make them. So please have all of the ingredients and a good oven waiting for me at home and I will impress you all! We got some solid porting in and found families!! It was just such a good week and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary! 
Now for some of the best reasons I love being a missionary..... 

  1. ·         I am able to learn more than I am able to teach. 
  2. ·         All of the WONDERFUL companions that I have been able to spend 24/7 with! 
  3. ·         Being able to live amongst the French people and learn the most beautiful language in the world! 
  4. ·         The opportunity that I have to stop random people on the street and tell them that God loves them! 
  5. ·         Having a specific time each day just to read and study the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
  6. ·         Being so so so so so far away from everyone that I love yet meeting even more people I love. 
  7. ·         Getting a two year break from school, work and normal life. 
  8. ·         Learning how to be a Mom, Wife, and Sister and Friend. 
  9. ·         The fact that I am prayed for hundreds of thousands a time each day! 
  10. ·         Having to rely on the Lord more than myself and family. 
  11. ·         Seeing people make changes in their lives and the happiness it brings them. 
  12. ·         Being able to go into strangers home and leave 20 minutes later like lifelong friends. 
  13. ·         Being a sister to everyone! 
  14. ·         Having a constant smile on my face! 
  15. ·         Feeling closer to everyone at home yet being so far away. 
  16. ·         Being guided by the Spirit and lead to where I am needed. 
  17. ·         Realizing that we really all are here together to help everyone! 
  18. ·         Being rejected, laughed at, kicked out etc. but never being happier! 
  19. ·         Changing my perspective from all about me and my life to being an eternal perspective! 
  20. ·         Finding a connection with everyone and then building from there. 
  21. ·         Being able to wear Christ name on my chest and to be His representative. 
  22. ·         Being the HAPPIEST that I have EVER been and knowing it is a true and lasting happiness!! 

I love you and miss you all!!! 


Soeur Emily Johns

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