Monday, October 14, 2013

6 months in!

I feel like each week that I am actually still alive to send this email home is an accomplishment. I swear that before my mission I was a pro driver; never getting pulled over or anything. I was a confident person behind the wheel…funny how things change on a mission. There were a few days this week that I didn’t stall a single time. So progression is happening!! Once I master not stalling I am going to work on mastering changing gears without freaking everyone out! Also this whole driving a stick in a country that I don’t know has taught me that I am horrible under pressure. EVERY time there are a bunch of people or cars watching me drive, I mess up! Like today at the grocery store there were a group of young guys around our car and of course I stall and then the car shakes and they all laugh and I just have to accept that yes I do not know how to drive!  But EVERY day that I don’t stall and that we are still alive, I count as a successful day!

I met my new district this week! It was nice to see another person with a name tag on and remember that there are other missionaries out there! There are four companionships in the district and the other three are all serving in Angers. There is the District leader/mandarin companionship, the zone leaders and then a set of sisters! I am excited for this transfer and it will be fun!

EVERYTHING is cheaper in Cholet! SO my love of money and saving it will be fully heightened here! Perk of Cholet! A not so perky perk of Cholet is the middle schoolers.... Back in the day when I was in middle school/junior high I was pretty socially okay. I hope. Anyway I still see crazy things or strange people and I can look at it and acknowledge that it is weird but not stare... WHOLE DIFFERENT story here! EVERY time we are on the bus at around 4 all of the middle school kids get on the bus too and just stare. Yes I know that I have a name tag on that says Jesus and that is a bit unusual but they look at me like I am an alien. I try to dress cute and not look Amish or too strange but I don’t know if it is working. I am determined to figure out the best way to call them out for staring at me and my name tag. I am debating between just asking them what they are looking at or asking if they have seen it before and use it as a good contact approach but I am guessing they would just look away awkwardly and it would be weird. I will figure it out!

GENERAL CONFERENCE is this week.... My second as a missionary... Do you know what that means????? I have less than a year left as a missionary. I can’t believe it either. 6 months have gone by as of this week and it is crazy!! I don’t know how time goes by for those of you that are at home but it is going by sooo quick for me! I just can’t believe that I will have less than a year left! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings and all of the things I will learn!

Notice the Will and Kate and George stamp.... A girl in my mission got a letter with it and let me keep it! Best delayed birthday/early Christmas gift EVER!! I was soo happy and hope that you are all staying up to date on Kate because I am not.....

In English I speak fast. I am sure that all of you remember how I can just get going and going and not slow down.... THAT HAS HAPPENED IN FRENCH!  Ever since I have been in Cholet everyone keeps telling me to sloooow downnn! And I just don’t understand! People here speak a lot slower but come on! I will try my best to be easier to understand and follow!

I like Cholet a lot except for driving and middle schoolers! But I LOVE being a missionary and love the people that we are teaching! It is cool to be where Sœur Stahly just was and be able to know the same people and teach the people that she found! I love it! I have seen so many miracles and blessings already and promise that I am changing and being spiritual!

I love you all!

Thank you soo much for all of the love and support! Enjoy hearing from the Prophet and leaders of the Church this weekend!!


Sœur Emily Johns

What I look at before I go to bed every night!

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