Tuesday, October 22, 2013


What happens when you get 8 super fun sister missionaries all together in Rennes for a sleepover???? FUN FUN FUN!

So yesterday was Stake conference and it was amazing! It was in Rennes which is in Britagne and a LONG ways away so we had to leave on Saturday by taking three trains and stopping in random cities until we got to Rennes where we had our major slumber party! We all just stayed up talking and laughing and being fun together! I had to remind myself that I was a missionary and not just Emily but then I remembered that I am EMILY AS A MISSIONARY and so I can still be my crazy self just more tamed but not too much because really I can’t lose myself! But I CAN lose myself in the work. GET IT?

Anyway so after we got a little bit of sleep we headed to the conference. Elder Patrick Kearon came to speak at it. He spoke at my stake conference in Paris and so I am hoping that every stake conference I have on my mission, he comes to! Because he may be my favorite general authority ever! We are pretty much bff now and talked for a good amount of time! He is super English and funny and personable and just knows what to say to really touch every heart of a full arena! Oh and parents... he asked me to write you today with his words so I will quote, '' I am VERY proud of your daughter. Me and President Poznanski (he was there too) are very happy with her.'' I promise I am not making that up! That is how cool he is! LOVE HIM!

We had FHE with ThiThanh and the Busseaus last week and it was soo fun! They are so fun and were great to teach with and I hope that Thi Thanh had a great time! I love her and it is so cool to see how much the members love her and really everyone that meets her! FAVORITE ami in Cholet! She even made me a little sign to help me with my driving because she knows how hard it has been for me! She picked us up for the FHE and had it there and explained everything and now I can be a better driver! THANK YOU on behalf of all of France! And she also made a little note on her hand! These little things that she does for us are really the best and I just love her!

FHE with the Busseaus

Sœur Horn and I had our first pastry together! We haven’t even been Inside of a patisserie together but finally we just did it! I wasn’t as impressed with my choice because I still get raisins and chocolate chips mixed up EVEN IN FRANCE! So getting a nice chocolate chip pastry turned out to be a raisin one... OOPS!

We had the double FHE on Friday and last night with our Cambodian friends! SOO FUN! Cambodian is soooo cool to listen to and I think of Lacey Robertson all time! Also Cambodian food is pretty tasty too! Our Friday FHE went so well that they asked us to come back on Sunday night too! I love FHE and getting to spend time with amis and members and just have a fun time together! FHE is something that I have really realized is soooo important and needed! Just one of the MILLION things that I have learned since I have been on my mission!

FHE with the Han Clang

THE BIBLE........ EVERY DAY! SO I have decided that I am going to REALLY study the bible this transfer! I started at the New Testament with Matthew and let me just say... I LOVE IT! I thought it would be pretty complicated and hard for me to read but after studying Jesus the Christ my last transfer it is much easier for me and I really feel like I can understand the stories and get to know Christ even better! I LOVE personal study and hope that everyone can find the time to really study the scriptures in their days!

Everyone, I LOVE being a missionary! I say it alllll the time but it is SO true! I am sooo happy all the time even though I am SOOOO tired all the time but it is the best! I love being able to talk to people about the gospel and try to help them have even more happiness in their lives!

Thank you all sooo much for your love and support! I have the BEST family and FRIENDS ever!!

I love you all!!


Sœur Emily Johns

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