Tuesday, October 15, 2013


From this point on, EVERYTHING that I do as a missionary and in France will be my one last time doing it! So like today is my last {and first) October 7. But it is just crazy how fast time goes by! I hope that you are all enjoying your lives as much as I am! I spent my 6 month mark as a missionary at a zone conference! It was incredible! I really have the BEST mission president and wife EVER! Our mission has a new goal for every companionship to find a family before Christmas as a gift for Christ but really finding a family will be a gift FROM Christ so I am excited!!

I really like Cholet! It isn’t as ugly as I thought. The sunsets are really nice and then we even found a little hidden place; everything else though is pretty ugly but I will just focus on the pretty and try to convince myself that this is a beautiful place. While the city is ugly the people ARE SOOOO GREAT! Especially the members! I love the members! But we are teaching a few solid people! Thi-thanh whom Sœur Stahly found has a baptismal date now and is the cooooolest lady in all of Cholet! She LOVES us and that makes it even easier to LOVE her! She took us to McDonalds and totally just whipped out her Book of Mormon which had been marked with question marks all throughout it with all of her questions! So cool! She also took us to Angers this weekend so that we could all watch conference there together...AND SHE STAYED! She loved it and that isn’t a surprise because really who doesn’t love conference!

Cholet CAN be pretty

Speaking of Conference..... LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love them all! Elder Utchdorf was amazing and I really want everyone in the whole world to see it! And then Elder Holland’s was great but then there was the Prophet... WHAT AN INSPIRED MAN! LOVE! But want to know what is cool... Elder Ballard totally was talking about when he came to France this last summer and I was one of those missionaries that he met! COOOOOOOL! Also what an inspired thing that just this last week our mission made the goal to find a family before Christmas and he extended the invite for everyone to find someone before Christmas too! Christmas is going to be grrrrreat!

Us in the missionary room for conference

Each Wednesday night since my first night in Cholet we have been visiting Sœur Samson who is a less active! She wants to learn English so we teach using English and it has really strengthened my testimony that if the Spirit is there than it really doesn’t matter what language you are speaking! She is awesome and I love her! I don’t even know the last time that she came to Church and the missionaries never really visited her before but as our relationship has grown and she has been reminded of her testimony... she came to the relief society activity on Friday!!!

Speaking of the relief society activity on Friday... We made gifts for the primary kids! Ties for the boys and a little hat for the girls. This included sewing... on a machine... which I can’t do. Then to add French sewing terminology to it... MERRY CHRISTMAS kids! STRUGGLE!

My first companion Sœur Melville is a really good artist and for my birthday she sent me her rendition of Kate Middleton... she knows me soo well! How pretty is it and like the perfect gift! My Birthday really just keeps on coming!

So we stayed the night in Angers with the sisters there and I LOVE angers! It is an actual city with people outside and they live right in the center of Centreville! I thought this was a really cool thing at first until it was 530 am and the party upstairs was still going. I didn’t even know that WIIIIIINDOW TO THE WALL could be translated into French but they made it happen. I missed my quiet Cholet for those 8 hours of sleep that I didn’t get but Angers is sure cool!


We have a crockpot in Cholet... This means that all of those crockpot recipes from Pinterest would sure be useful here... So you should all send some cool crockpot recipes because I want to cook! We did pulled pork sandwiches on the buns from the American section from the store! Jack pot!

I am happy! And I LOOOOVE being a missionary!

Thank you again for all of the love and support!!!


Sœur Emily Johns

With Soeur Samson

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