Monday, May 19, 2014


Normally as missionaries we are only allowed to use Skype on Mother’s Day and also at Christmas time...well not for me! No no no I am not a pagan missionaries and didn’t go and Skype my friends and family BUT I DID use Skype! 

Ever since I got to Rennes we have been teaching a lady from Mongolia... well by teaching I mean we try to talk to her about God and Jesus and pretty much nothing gets taught or learned because we don’t speak Mongolian and she doesn’t speak French or English. I have now really gained a testimony of how important it is to be taught the gospel in your own language! Our assistants here in Paris have been working with the assistant in Mongolia to get a Skype session going so that she can learn. Well it has been a several weeks since we last saw her and she hadn’t really been answering our calls... We got the go ahead and that everything was ready for us to do the Skype except we had NO ami! We were praying so hard that we would find someone or that she would be interested again. SHE IS!! On Friday we did our first Skype session with the elders in Mongolia! The best part is that they are both Mongolian and she is really able to learn! The entire time Soeur Wade and I were just in awe because this could only happen right now in the world thanks to technology! We understood absolutely NOTHING except for the words Jesus Christ and Baptism but the Spirit was there! We did our second one this morning bright and early. With the time difference I am not sure how we are ever going to get our full studies but this is more important right now! 

I have zero energy! This transfer has been go go go go go and I am TIRED! I don’t know what I am even saying! We haven’t eaten a full meal or even cooked one this past week. But it is all worth it! I am so happy and we are really being blessed with amazing people and miracles all around! 
This is probably going to go down as the worst weekly email of my mission but hey I write in my journal and will read it to you when I get home! 

Just know that I love and miss you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers! 


Soeur Emily Johns

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