Monday, June 23, 2014


I am sorry to everyone that has read my weekly emails throughout my mission because you have seen the difference from the beginning of my mission to now and I must say that even I know how boring I have become! I remember when I would laugh to myself about my emails and how funny I thought I was and the adventures that I was having and now I have to force myself to even write the email! 

Things are going well in Toul! I am still getting happier and happier here! Soeur P and I are becoming better friends every single day and I know that it is probably because she listens to all of my lame stories and laughs at my jokes so of course I like her! She now knows about every single boy that I have liked since high school and all of the Halloween costumes that I have done! Seriously bonding! 

You remember Slauco... he was the guy that contacted us when I first got here and we saw him last week... HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!! Turns out that he is not the super creepy eastern European that I thought he was. He is LEGIT and soooo interested in finding Christ in his life! We saw him three times last week and he came to church and LOVED it! He was sooo cute when we told him that he can get baptized whenever he feels ready and after he has learned more and when he proposed next week we had to really hold it in not to just say yes! So instead he is preparing to be baptized on the 6 July and ahhh too cute! He was just going up to members after church telling them that he is getting baptized and he grabbed allllll of the pass along cards at the church so he can give them to his friends! He is 28 and originally from Romania!! SHOUT OUT to my fam. in Romania! He speaks French fine but when we gave him the Book of Mormon in Romanian it was like Christmas morning for him AND FOR US!! This just goes to show that Soeur P being reeeeally nice to ''creepy'' men that I dont want to talk to can actually lead to miracles! 

On Wednesday we had our last conference with the Poznanski's... SOOOO SAD! That couple has completely changed my life and have been the greatest people for me these past 15 months! I love them and will miss them! So we went into Paris on Wednesday having woken up before 5 and then of course it is the day that there are a million strikes with trains but we got there and survived! Not the same for some elders who got there after it was over! We got to stop by HEMA and see lots of people that I didn’t know that are now my friends! I love being a missionary and just being around missionaries! Being alone in Toul can get boring so when we are around other people I AM HAPPY!! 

Emily with the Poznanski's

To celebrate the world cup which I have NO IDEA who is playing and winning or anything, our branch president gave us MMs and boy were there good! Also we got an amandes croissant and a speculos one. We just have to live up to president’s comment that sisters live at boulangeries and elders at kebab shops!

With the World Cup M&M's

With their pastries

Things are going well in Toul and we are seeing miracles and I am doing great! I still just LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary and for these next few months that I have here! 

Thank you all for your love and support!

Soeur Emily Johns

The stamps in France right now

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