Monday, June 30, 2014

What is this Life???

I am pretty sure that every single day this week me and soeur P asked ourselves ''WHERE ARE WE'' or ''WHAT THE CRAP'' I swear that this life that I am living is not normal! 

On Monday we went to the museum in Toul. We thought it was going to be a super small and quick place because lets be serious... I am in Toul! Well we were pretty wrong! It was three stories tall and with soooooo much to see! It took us over an hour just to walk through and not really spend too much time looking at anything! It is an art history museum of Toul and starts waaay back in the prehistoric era of Toul and then up until now! Turns out that Toul used to be a big deal and really important and that is why there is a huge beautiful cathedral here. I am still not sure why it is so little and boring now but maybe one day it will go back to being important! We saw lots of creepy things in the museum! Like this room of just creeeeeepy dolls and images of the dolls. Pretty Little Liars anyone?? We got a few cool photos and learned a little bit but mostly were just really confused about how a place like Toul could have such a randomly cool museum!

We then went to our weekly FHE with the Family Paoli who has us and one of our amis over each Monday. Well this time there were two amis... probably the strangest combination of human beings in the world! One was homeless and on the streets for 10 years and drug addict and has just had a suuuper hard life and the other is a son of a former member who is reeeeally socially different but sooo nice. The dinner and the lesson were a little awkward but it was fine! We learned the lesson of not having two amis at one lesson when they are reeeeally different from each other and are on reeeally different places in meeting with the missionaries! 

We saw Slauco 4 times this week! He says that he won’t get sick of us but we will see about that! We saw him Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and twice on Sunday! Every single time we learned something new about him! We are dying to watch the movie of Slauco’s life so we can maybe figure out who he is and what his story is because this man just keeps telling us more and more! He is the king of having creeeepy friends and cousins! His first one was in love with soeur Ps accent but now wants nothing to do with us and the other one we met this week kept asking me out and touching my arm... Slauco needs to get a change in his entourage and I don’t know how much street cred he can get by us two American girl missionaries! He is soooo solid!! He has been taught pretty much everything at this point and has loved and accepted EVERYTHING!! We were really nervous to teach tithing last night but he was like DUH! God gives us everything so we have to do something back! At church me and a member taught him about the gospel of Christ and he cried... I already am not an emotional person and don’t really know how to handle other people’s emotions then to add that he is a man and that it is French... so the awkward ca va just had to do! Turns out that he was just sooo happy and needed a good cry! This man is soo great and is set for the 6th!! 

On Wednesday we got dumped by Miguel! He was our first victim with our feminine charm but I guess it wore off or that the cookies we brought him weren’t that good! But we are fb friends and we have a photo now so he isn’t completely out of our lives! We will see him again sometime around Toul! 

Have they started a Jerry Springer Animal Addition in the US yet?? I am pretty sure that I just starred on it here in France and it was the craziest 3 hours of my life!! We went to teach an ami, the same one from Monday night who has had a rough life, and he LOVES his animals. There were 4 dogs and 4 cats at his apartment. Half are his and half are his cousins. Well people here in Toul take their pets VERY VERY VERY seriously and they will die for them. It can be cute but also very strange! One of the animals went missing and I guess the neighbors have already called the police on them and the animals before and so it just so happened that the police were called again and it was sooo awkward! We just sat there while the police came and throughout the intense heated conversation and then the cops asked who we were and we just pointed to our badges and said we are the missionaries and that ended the interrogation! It all should turn out alright with the dogs and cats but man I had NO IDEA animals were soooo important! 

On Friday I became a temoin jehovah I think. They always have little stands and booths that people can come up to and grab flyers and stuff and on Friday that was us. Our branch likes to have a table at the market every couple of months and Friday was the time. the sisters from Nancy came and did it with us and I was NOT looking forward to it at all because there hasn’t been any success from the markets that have been done in the past and just seemed like it would be a waste of time and to take missionaries out of their villes and to look like Jehovah witnesses... not my thing. We ended up finding a few cool people but that was just from doing regular street contacting! We will see what happens in the future because the booth at the market hasn’t proven to work at all yet! I can now say that I know what it feels like to be a TJ! 

We broke the word of wisdom this week but it was for our ami and she ended up coming to church so it isn’t that serious right? On Saturday we went to see our ami Evelyne who is on the verge of death one day and then walking miles for fun the next. Well on Saturday she was alive and well and we were just talking about how much we like peanut butter and Nutella and then she said she was going to make us a surprise. In her kitchen we heard all these mixing sounds but had no idea what to expect... she presented us with a mug each that smelled a lot like coffee.... she didn’t want to tell us what was inside because she wanted to surprise us with her homemade dessert. It was yogurt mixed with coffee and is a favorite of hers. After one spoonful I had an instant headache and when she finally told us what was inside after begging her because we had no idea if we could actually eat it or not, we found out it was COFFEE!! So I tried stalling and just talking about random other things so I wouldn’t have to eat it and then finally she said we didn’t need to finish and I said a mini prayer of thanks! BUT she said she would come to church on Sunday if we had someone get her... Sunday morning came and she wasn’t answering... We barged inside her house and it was like the friends episode where Ross has an important thing and Rachel kept changing and he gets super frustrated... I was Ross and Evelyne was Rachel. I was just wanting her to get her shoes on and to go and she wanted to really get ready. After 25 minutes of me not learning patience she got into the car of our members and we got to church during the opening song! 

We had a really great week and have seen a lot of miracles! I am happy to be here and really do just LOVE my mission! This week I hit my 15 month mark which means that 3 months from Wednesday I will be home! WHICH means you all have 3 months to write me and send me packages!! :) 

I love you all and am soo grateful for all of the love and support!


Soeur Emily Johns

Emily got a blister. Poor girl. 

All the Petit Nicholas from Thithanh 

Emily and Soeur Hunsaker matching

From their girls nice. 

A cool thing she will be bringing home. 

New night shirt. 

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