Monday, June 16, 2014


There are many great things about being a girl and there are MANY great things about being a missionary and so when some of those great things happen to overlap.... A great week is the result! 

This week we had exchanges... with one of my favorite sister missionaries ever. You should all recognize her because we were friends before the mission, in the mtc together and now in the same district... SOEUR HUNSAKER!!! We were in Nancy and it was seriously too much fun. I often wonder if other missionaries have as much fun as I do because a lot of the time everyone seems so serious but oh well. I am happy and loving life and that is what matters. So we did some work in Nancy and it was still deathly hot so being back in metros and buses was not that lovely with the heat but we made it work. We are the same age in the mission and have really similar teaching styles so it was a lot of fun to just work without anything in the way. We were able to teach one of their amis in Nancy and set a baptismal date. It was a little miracle and I am happy to have been a part of it! 

I have been a missionary for over 14 months and I THOUGHT that I had seen and done most crazy things but me and Soeur Pettingill had a whole new experience...THE POLICE! A cute couple in the branch gave us the address for one of their friends and asked us to stop by and to teach them so of course we went and the lady wasn’t there but her adult daughter was. We had a great conversation and exchanged numbers and even got her mom’s number! Well we called them both and they were soooo friendly and we fixed a RDV and were excited. A few days later we called to confirm and they both had done a 180 and hated us. I guess their son/brother is suuuuper anti us and he has gotten the police involved and it is a big mess so pretty much we will not be passing by or calling them anywhere in the near future. People have threatened to call the police a lot but to actually have the police show up at this cute couple member in our branch and then all that...CRAZY! 

We had a 6 course meal this week with a pioneer couple here in France, Victor and Annie Back. He was the first bishop called and set a part in France WAY back in the mid-70s. They have stories to tell us for DAYS and pictures to match! They are soo cool and I just want to be 85 and with my cute spouse dancing around with the sister missionaries one day! There was tooo much food and I literally almost died when we got home but it was well worth it! I don’t know what I am going to do when I can’t hang out with old people all the time when I get home! 

This week we have found our female charm and used it to our advantage... Only now my comp has this babe of a Spaniard in love with her and her American accent and we may have gone on double dates??? Remember a few weeks ago when these men talked to us and my comp was all friendly and I was rude at first?? Yeah we saw the two of them last night and it was really awkward because it was just the four of us and one of them is confessing his love for my comp and the other is just wanting to talk about God with us. I am a pretty solid wing woman I would say and hopefully we can have more interesting RDVs with our cool new friends! We also met an old ami of the elders who told us that we will have a big challenge with him but we know we can break him. My mom would be ooh soo proud of me! But the only problem is that this feminine charm that I am now discovering only really works on older men and I don’t know if it will work when I actually have to start dating. On verra! 

This week was a great week and I know that attitude really changes everything! I am soo happy and I know that me choosing to be happy and doing all I can to be happy is the key in being happy and seeing miracles! 

They were sad that the sun wasn't shining

They found Dragon Snap Flowers though.

I love being a missionary and my life!


Soeur Emily Johns

I am going to learn Armenian for all of my
friends from Armenia

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