Monday, June 9, 2014

Choose to be Happy

It is sooooo hot in the east of France! I never thought that I would miss the rain in Rennes soo much. I knew that the sun hated me and that I hated the sun my whole life but it seems like FOREVER since I have been so uncomfortably hot. SUPPOSEDLY it is just a heat wave in this area for a few days. I am praying HARD for it to get cooler or for us to be able to buy fans. It will be a miracle if I haven’t melted by next week! 

I am not a big fan of talking to men that call out at us but here in Toul where we are the ONLY missionaries we have to be really nice or something. So on Monday night as we were taking a nice stroll trying to find people to teach and these two men called out and my comp. starts talking to them...I was not a happy camper. I was just trying to get the conversation over because more often than not they aren’t interested in our message BUT I guess my comps joy in talking to these men rubbed off on me because I ended up being friendlier and they are actually MAYBE interested. The test will be on Sunday if they come to church. I will have to get used to teaching and talking to men again. Wish me luck! 

I WENT TO STRASBOURG!! It is a huge beautiful city in the east of France that sisters don’t get to serve and everyone just wants to go there!! We had a conference there and it was sooo nice! I don’t know if they will ever open it up to sisters but it was so nice to be back in a city and on buses again. Supposedly it battles Germany during Christmas time. I will come back sometime and be the judge of that! On the way back on Tuesday we stopped by this older couple that is less active because of their health and they were toooo cool! I just love older people! TOO many cool stories and advice and I don’t know if it will be tooo weird if I hang out with only people above the age of 60 when I get home because seriously they are my people! 

On Wednesday we did a lot of walking and talking. I am a talker and so is my companion and so sometimes we accidently talk to each other more than others but we will fix that! Thursday was our miracle day! We found a cute little family to teach and saw a lot of our amis and just got into teaching. I have missed that because it has been pretty slow here which didn’t help my attitude of not loving it here. So after such a great day on Thursday I was convinced that I could love Toul...

THEN Friday came... we got a call from the office. NO CAR. My companion had lost her driving privileges in France and I am too old in France and can’t drive so no car. Which means like NOTHING to do? We were devastated and I was pretty annoyed because all of the things that affected her not being able to drive happened before I got here and I felt helpless and even more convinced that I couldn’t be happy in Toul and then more upset because without a car we couldn’t see pretty much anyone and I was pretty upset! We had to cancel our RDVs for the day and beg a member to take us to one of them which ended up being sooo fun. 

On Saturday I called President. Pretty much I just begged him with all that I had for the car. It would take too long for me to get my belge license and I go home before I would receive it so that wasn’t an option. And he wouldn’t give my comp the right to drive which totally makes sense. So I was not the happiest but after more begging he gave her back her rights to drive BUT with half the miles. So we are still pretty limited with the car but not completely! He should give us back the full miles when she leaves and I get a new comp that can drive. But until then we will get really tan (red for me) while walking around Toul. At the same time I asked President for some advice because I was really struggling being in Toul. I felt like it was a punishment and that it wasn’t fair because I already served in Cholet. That was just me being a bit spoiled but President gave me some tough love and pretty much called me impatient which is true and told me that it is all in my head and that I choose to be happy. So after that blunt phone call I changed my mind and decided the only thing I would feel is happiness. Not annoyed, frustrated, stressed or anything negative. And voila... It worked! 

On Saturday in spite of getting sun burnt and walking around all day I was happy! We had stake conference on Saturday night and Sunday and it was sooo nice! On Sunday it was broadcasted from the temple in Switzerland and it was by Elder Utchdorf, Elder Texiera, Elder Anderson and Sister Reevess. it was sooo great!

I have a much fresher and happier out look of why I am here and realize that it isn’t a punishment and that I am really blessed to be here! Magic!

Thank you all for your love and support! I miss and love you all so much!


Soeur Emily Johns

Jeanna d'arc

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