Monday, June 2, 2014


I am still not exactly sure where I am. I am in a cybercafé doing emails but this isn’t the same with my Muslim friends and other missionaries all laughing together. And I am in Toul which is in the east but not really even on maps... Google is needed to know where I am!

On Monday I had my last FHE with the family Dagry! I love this family and their sons! It helps that they are two of my best friends! Guillaume and Clement! It was great to just pass a nice evening with people I love so much! and also I needed something chill because I was dying inside about leaving Rennes for Toul and that is exactly what I got!

On Tuesday I said a lot of goodbyes! In Rennes most of all of our investigators were around my age which is the BEST because they are literally my best friends and I love them! So I said bye to lots of my friends but I know I will see them again! We ended the night at the Letorts and watching the kids do JUST DANCE! I will miss that family like no other! LOTS and LOTS of packing and I have no idea how my suitcases have gained sooooo much weight in the past year! I will definitely have to figure out what to do when I pack the next time!

Wednesday morning my four BEST friends in Rennes came to the gare SUPER early in the morning and said bye to me! It was Valetin, Sophie, Clement and Guillaume!! It was soo nice but I just have this image in my head of me on a train leaving them! I miss them all soo much!

I got to Paris and headed to Toul! It was a LONG day with a LOT of time on trains! Going from the far west of France to the far east is a long voyage! But I did it and was greeted by my new companion! Soeur Katie Pettingill from California! She is about 6 months younger than me in the mission and has spent her whole mission in the east! I am going to do all I can to get this girl to see the west of France!

It has only been a few days here in Toul but BOY it is DIFFFFERENT!! It is a TEENY TEEENY town and a branch! There are no buses and no one on the streets to contact! So it will be a whole different way of doing missionary work than what I am used to!

I was really struggling because all I wanted was to be back in Rennes with the people I love and I didn’t know how I was going to do this here for the next 4 months but then at church it changed and I am so glad that the gospel and church are the same everywhere! It just gave me the boost and change of attitude that I needed!

It will definitely be a hard time here with the adjustment but I can’t wait to see all the miracles that I know exist! I am excited!

I am happy and healthy! I will be home in exactly 4 months from Today!

Please keep all of the missionaries in your prayers! I will better organize my email time next week so my emails don’t stay soo lame!!

I love you all


Soeur Emily Johns

The ONLY thing I need in Toul and it is here!

Branch President and a shirt for all dad's

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